Beta Eridani Naval Training Range

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The Beta Eridani Naval Training Range was a military training range located in the Beta Eridani system, in use by the UNSC Navy. Cadets were trained at the facility through lecture rooms and simulators, though the UNSC Navy ensured that the cadets were also properly drilled on functioning warships within the Beta Eridani system. Aboard the ships, cadets' abilities were tested and they were taught to familiarize themselves with day-to-day tasks before their final assignments.[1]


Sometime around early 2552, the Beta Eridani system was invaded by the Covenant Fleet of Valiant Prudence. Since most of the ships in the system were crewed by cadets of the Beta Eridani Naval Training Range, the Navy was unable to properly combat the Covenant attackers. Lieutenant Robinson ordered all personnel to flee from the system,[1] though Supreme Commander Rho 'Barutamee had the Fleet of Valiant Prudence attempt to destroy all humans in the system.[2]

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