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This article is about the xenoarchaeology consultant for ONI. For the ensign onboard UNSC Infinity, see Daniels (ensign).

Dr. Daniels was a civilian scientist who worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence as a xenoarchaeology consultant.[1] He was stationed with a team of scientists in Teller Station, a research facility located on a planetoid in Epsilon Eridani's Oort cloud, in order to study a Forerunner artifact. Daniels and his fellow scientists had carefully worked on excavating this artifact for several years; however, in the summer of 2552 with the Covenant's discovery of Reach and the declaration of WINTER CONTINGENCY throughout the system, Teller Station's defenses began to withdraw and abandon the facility, ordering the science team to conduct one final dig.[2] Thus Daniels and the other scientists were forced to hastily compress a long-planned and extensive retrieval operation into a time-frame of less than a fortnight.[2] This frantic effort exhausted Teller Station's crew but was ultimately successful in retrieving an object from Site 17.[2] However, the effort also succeeded in activating dormant Forerunner systems which alerted the Fleet of Valiant Prudence to the stations location, enraging it at the perceived desecration of the Forerunner reliquary.[1] Consequently, Supreme Commander Rho 'Barutamee ordered a significant portion of his fleet to retrieve the artifact and avenge the human insult, while Admiral Michael Stanforth dispatched a battlegroup to interdict this effort.[1] Daniels and his fellow scientists were thereby able to escape to Turul along with the artifact, which he could tell was extremely valuable.[3]

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