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"Attention, all personnel. STOLEN GAUNTLET protocol has been activated. Spartan Edward Buck is reported AWOL."
— Leonidas[1]

STOLEN GAUNTLET is a red alert fail-safe protocol developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence in the event that any Spartans were to operate subversively outside mission parameters and operations protocol.[2]

With the creation of the SPARTAN-IV program, recruits are drawn from experienced personnel of multiple services branches of the Unified Earth Government. While each Spartan-IV candidate is carefully screened, the selection process is not foolproof, as each Spartan-IV will have their preexisting philosophies and loyalties. Individual Spartans represent a significant security threat if their loyalty is compromised. As such, STOLEN GAUNTLET was created to provide training and permissive rules of engagement for special agents tasked with tracking down and swiftly neutralizing rogue Spartans.[3] A handful of rogue Spartans, including Michael Crespo, were imprisoned in the Spartan-IV training station after arrest.[4]

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