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This article is about the protocol. For the achievement, see Stolen Gauntlet.
Upon the declaration of STOLEN GAUNTLET, special agents such as Jameson Locke are tasked with tracking down rogue Spartans.

"Attention, all personnel. STOLEN GAUNTLET protocol has been activated. Spartan Edward Buck is reported AWOL."
— Leonidas[1]

STOLEN GAUNTLET is a red alert fail-safe protocol developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence in the event that any Spartans were to operate subversively outside mission parameters and operations protocol.[2][3] The protocol provides training and permissive rules of engagement for special agents tasked with tracking down and swiftly neutralizing rogue Spartans.[4][5]


STOLEN GAUNTLET became a necessary creation with the advent of the SPARTAN-IV program. Unlike the prior SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III initiatives, SPARTAN-IV followed the ORION Project's protocols of recruiting experienced personnel from the the various branches of service of the Unified Earth Government. This means that candidates in the program are not children indoctrinated into loyalty to the UEG From childhood, but instead experienced operators with preexisting philosophies and loyalties.[4][5]

While the SPARTAN-IV 's recruitment guidelines are viewed as ethically superior to those of prior generations,[5] this does mean that individual Spartans represent a significant security threat if their loyalty is compromised, with a generally higher probability of deviation within the candidate poool.[4][5]

A handful of rogue Spartans, including Michael Crespo, were imprisoned in the Spartan-IV training station after arrest.[3]


STOLEN GAUNTLET has been invoked a number of times, including:

It is unclear whether the defections of Spartan-IVs Ilsa Zane, Rudolf Schein, and Vladimir Scruggs invoked the STOLEN GAUNTLET protocol.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

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STOLEN GAUNTLET was asset retrieval\denial protocols. In 2552; John-117 was put under this protocol when he departed the Epsilon Eridani system with Kwan Ha, with Jacob Keyes coordinating the crisis action team stand-up for it.[6]

A modified version of STOLEN GAUNTLET existed for Soren-066 called the SOREN PROTOCOL.[7]

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