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Fernando Esparza's holorecorder.
Fernando Esparza's holorecorder displaying a recording of his wife and daughter.

A holorecorder is a kind of small human device that holds holographic recordings.[1][2]


During the Battle of Cleveland in November 2552, Ruwan Ackerson and famous musician Myras Tyla were being evacuated from the city via Pelican along with other refugees. While aboard the Pelican, a young girl recognized Myras, showing her a hologram of Myras' face with her holorecorder.[1]

In 2559, Fernando Esparza owned a holorecorder containing a message from his wife and daughter that included his daughter singing to him. During his six months stuck aboard Pelican Echo 216 following the apparent destruction of the UNSC Infinity, the recording gave him a small sense of comfort. However, its repeated use caused the device to run out of power just before Esparza encountered John-117.[2] After the Pelican's batteries were recharged by the fusion reactor in John's armor, Esparza was presumably able to recharge the device. It later fell into the hands of Blademaster Jega 'Rdomnai after he captured Esparza in order to lure the Master Chief to the House of Reckoning to fight Escharum. As John-117 fought his way through the Banished base, 'Rdomnai activated the device and placed it within a structure on the third level as part of a trap. The Master Chief retrieved the holorecorder, but it gave 'Rdomnai the opportunity to trap the Spartan within the structure using a security barrier and attempt to kill him. John-117 was able to slay the Blademaster and continue on to rescue Esparza to whom he presumably returned the holorecorder.[3]


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