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Redstow system
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"According to my sources, they glassed the Galodew Emancipation base on Redstow VI. The entire cadre was wiped out."
— General Harper Garvin brings up Redstow VI to demonstrate that the Covenant was attacking insurrectionist bases just as it was UEG-aligned worlds.[1]

The Redstow system is a star system in the Milky Way galaxy.[1] By 2526, it had been inhabited by humanity, and its sixth planet - Redstow VI - had been inhabited by the Insurrectionist organisation, the Galodew Emancipation. The base was utterly wiped out when the Covenant invaded during the opening stages of the Human-Covenant War. The entire Galodew Emancipation cadre that had been present at the time was obliterated by orbital bombardment.[1]

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