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"Reach for Life is an ambitious feat of human ingenuity. Teams of UNSC biologists, botanists, and geophysicists designed and built the installation as a self-sustaining ecosystem. The goal: to seed life on otherwise barren planets and hence to extend the reach of humankind in the galaxy. That's according to the promotional material."
Cortana explains the project to John-117[1]

The Reach for Life project was a project aimed at seeding life on otherwise barren planets.


According to the promotional material, Reach for Life worked on bringing life to otherwise barren planets to extend the reach of humankind in the galaxy. One planet known to have been worked on under the project was Eridanus II where John-117 lived as a child with his parents[1] who led the colony on Eridanus II. Only six Reach for Life installations survived their pilot stages and became fertile forests built into otherwise hostile planets.[2]

At some point, an incurable plague carried on an unauthorized transport ship struck Eridanus II and spread quickly, wiping out most of the population. The survivors were resettled on Ehilend and Eridanus II sealed off to contain the virus while Reach for Life's operational files were subsequently lost when the program was abruptly terminated in the wake of the disaster.[1]

In 2552, after John identified Eridanus II as his home planet, Cortana accessed the available information on the planet, particularly the limited information from the Reach for Life project. With the project's operational files lost, however, Cortana could only provide limited information on the events on Eridanus II and the fates of John's parents.[1]

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