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A city


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Hey I’m pretty chill. So no need to hold back on criticism. Keep cursing to a minimum okay? I am pretty good at video games as a whole.

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"Also I forgot my password, is that something an admin can tell me?"
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Star wars


Lots of shows


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Halo, Both Ori games, Star Wars games FINAL FANTASY







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Favorite Halo moment

Co-op CE with my brother legendary.

Worst Halo moment

Halo 2 legendary. Nuff said.

Anything else

I’m pretty chill I don’t get upset easily so be real.

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Oh well one deletes their account by messaging a admin and we bring it to the team. But we may make a more official way to do it in the future.

Glad to see you stay!


I'll bring it up. But are you really sure you want it gone? :(


No, don’t worry - it’s no trouble at all. I just wanted to make sure you knew, so that it won’t look like I’m just deleting all your hard work when I make the changes and delete that page. As for your lost password, that’s not something I can help you with myself, but porplemontage should be able to reset it for you.


Hey, I noticed you were doing some work on the SRS99-S5 gameplay page. I just wanted to let you know that there’s currently an ongoing project that is going to make all /Gameplay pages obsolete (don’t worry, though, all of the content of those pages will be moved elsewhere). Basically, instead of having SRS99 AM sniper rifle/Gameplay, SRS99C/Gameplay, 99D/Gameplay, etc, we’re going to have one big gameplay page titled “Sniper Rifle”, where all of that info will go. For a draft of that that page will look like, see this page. We’ll be doing this for all weapons, vehicles, enemies, etc, in the future. Just wanted to let you know so that when the change comes, it doesn’t look like your work just got deleted - it’ll only have been moved. Also, you’re welcome to help out on these pages if you like :)


No worries. Everyone's got to start somewhere! I had about the same amount of edits of you this time six years ago (albeit on Halo Nation), and I was made admin there within two and a bit years. Just keep at it!


Hey! As far as the official criteria go, they're all listed here. However, in terms of the qualities that people tend to look for in patrollers before nominating them, we usually look for folks with a good deal of experience with the wiki, who know how it works, and are familiar with the policies and editing conventions. Additionally, it has to be someone who's shown maturity and level-headedness, so we know they won't misuse the abilities the rank grants. Finally, the last quality we would look for would be a demonstrable long term commitment to the wiki - we wouldn't want to give the rank to someone who then just disappears and doesn't continue to contribute. Oh, and joining the Discord helps, as it makes it easier for everyone to get you know you.

Dab1001's user page Dab1001 (talkcontributions) This user is an andmin on Halopedia.


Gaming with your friends is the best part about it