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This user, Dab1001, is a administrator of Halopedia. Please feel free to ask him if you ever need help with anything.

USER Dab1001 Avatar.png Hi, I'm Daniel, better known as Dab1001, a patroller here on Halopedia and admin on the now-defunct Halo Nation. That means I'm tasked with helping the wiki move forward, and ensuring that people follow the rules. If you ever have a question or need help, you can reach me by sending me a message, or posting on my talk page. I'll be willing to help with anything wiki-related, or Halo-related. That said, if you break the rules and ignore warnings from myself or other admins/patrollers, I'm afraid I will have to take a less friendly approach with you, which may even include banning in some circumstances. However, stay within the rules and I'm sure we'll get along very well!

Have a wonderful day!
- Sincerely, Dab.

To-Do List

USER Dab1001 Avatar.png If you're an admin, feel free to add stuff to this and I (might) get it done. If you're not, I have no idea why you're viewing this.
- Sincerely, Dab.
  1. Make page for this
  2. Put Template:Infobox/Game into use.
  3. Finish ListO'Canon.
  4. Template:Design/FeaturesList.
  5. Template:Navbox/Weapons/Infantry/ByGame.
  6. Template:Navbox/Vehicles/Covenant/Aircraft.
  7. Finish {{Ref}} templates. Improve documentation (add a condensed and full copy/paste version to all) and add [ALT] and [ARCHIVE] options to all, to prevent outdated links.