Meet the Patrollers!

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A Patroller is a user who has access to a few additional features to help with the managing of the site and combating of vandalism.

What features do Patrollers have?

  • Marking high quality page revisions as "patrolled" to help with the reverting of poor or bad-faith edits.
  • Deleting and undeleting pages and uploaded images.
  • Protecting a page so it can not be edited or moved by anonymous users (autoconfirmed protection) or non-admins (full/sysop protection), in accordance with the policy.
  • Blocking IP addresses or user names from editing; and quick reversion ("rollback") of undesirable edits.

How can I become a Patroller?

Main article: Halopedia:Requests for Patrollership

Halopedia has a small routine to become a Patroller. Based on a small set of requirements and voting. To learn how to become a Patroller please visit the Requests for Patrollership page!

Meet the Patrollers!


Arcmind (Talk) (Contribs)

Arcmind joined Halopedia April 18, 2016‎. Maintains no primary focus and is willing to accept any odd jobs or difficult tasks from other users. Should anyone need help on a particularly painstaking or large task, feel free to ask.

Morhek (Talk) (Contribs)

Morhek has been a member of Halopedia since 2007, and can generally be found on talk pages or forums, clarifying canon details, and engaging the community contructively.

Shazamikaze (Talk) (Contribs)

Shazamikaze is a (somewhat) proud Halopedian since 2012, Shazamikaze focuses mostly on the many aspects of writing and editing of any given article, as well supplying ample references and images to which the article requires and refers to, as well as making sure things stay nice and neat, no messes allowed.

Spartacus (Talk) (Contribs)

I am a former admin and also the founder of Halopedia's Discord Server. I joined Halopedia in January 2011 after having lurked as an anon for several years and became an admin in September 2012. Real life eventually got pretty busy for me and I ended up originally resigning in August 2017, only to return a few months later and resign once more in July 2018. You can occasionally find me helping out wherever I can. Please use either my talk page or message board to contact me and I will respond as soon as I can.

JackVibe (Talk) (Contribs)

A Halopedian since 2009, JackVibe puts his obsessions over consistent formatting to good use by enforcing the Layout Guide and Manual of Style on details no one would notice. Although a big fan of the lore, he usually deals with real world articles.

Subtank (Talk) (Contribs)
Subtank started editing the wiki around September 7, 2007. Self-taught HTML, CSS and javascript (disclaimer: still rusty with the latter). Love lurking (proud lurker since 2006) and prefer reading articles. Style of editing focuses primarily on article presentation, so do not be surprised to see me making slight/minor changes, trivial arrangements of thumbnails and criticising users on template usage as well as encouraging not to put personal thoughts/opinion/feeling into the editing process (internet will drive you nuts if you do so).

I travel around the globe quite often and will be appearing at odd hours every now and then. I blame my evil twin.

Tuckerscreator (Talk) (Contribs)

Tuckerscreator became an admin in July 2013 after three years on the wiki. He likes Grunts, headshotting Grunts, and keeping the Featured Article project moving.

Meet the Halo Nation Staff!

Starting the 4th February 2019, as a result of the successful merger between the communities of Halo Nation and Halopedia, the Halo Nation Team will be made Patrollers on Halopedia to get used to the site, and as show of good faith from us to give themselves a chance to show they are a good fit for the wiki. At the end of the month on the 4th March, the current Halopedia team will evaluate the activity of the Halo Nation admins via Request for Adminship to see if the are suitable to become an admin or not.


BrianH (Talk) (Contribs)

Hi there everyone, I'm BrianH, also known as Sgt D Grif. Sgt D Grif was a random username I came up with on the spot for the RvB Wiki back in 2011, and I've used that name less and less over time, so I figured that I might as well drop it entirely on the move over to Halopedia. After joining Halo Nation in late 2011, I became a chat moderator in July of 2012 and a rollback in October. The following year, I helped kick off the patroller user right on Halo Nation before becoming an administrator later that January. Various things have changed over time, some for the better and others for the worse.

Unfortunately, some of those changes killed some of my enthusiasm and drive for editing on Halo Nation. Recently, my enthusiasm for the Halo series has been renewed with the updates being made to the Master Chief Collection, including the Insider program. In addition, this merge with Halopedia not only has reinvigorated my drive to work on a wiki, but it offers brand new experiences and ways for me to contribute that weren't possible on either platform before. I've got quite a few projects in mind that I hope to way day work on that would not only benefit Halopedia, but the Halo community as a whole. Feel free to drop me a message here or on Discord if you want to get to know me or if you've got any questions about me. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

CMDR RileySV (Talk) (Contribs)

Hi, I am CMDR_RileySV (formerly Commander12X). I joined Halo Nation in 2012 and edited off and on for years. I started out rough, but I improved quite significantly. I undertook quite a few personal projects on the wiki and worked hard to try and standardize a lot of pages. I was originally approached for adminship in 2016 by Haloprov, but I declined due to personal scheduling issues. In 2017, I was offered again and finally nominated by Dab1001 for adminship, went through the voting process and was approved soon after. In the year since then, I have learned a lot more about myself and wiki management.

I have to thank the kind people of Halopedia for taking us in. I wasn't on either wiki when the fork between HN and Halopedia happened, but I am glad to be apart of the return. I can't wait to work with everyone and to continue working on a wiki.

Haloprov (Talk) (Contribs)

Halo Nation was the first wikia I started to participate back in February of 2013. Only a year after I started, I was successfully nominated for administratorship by T3CHNOCIDE and since then remained as an active Admin on the site. In recent time, my participation has been mostly cleanup and image uploading/renaming; in which case, images is something I do take kinda seriously. Before around The Master Chief Collection was announced, I created a type of "Image naming system" to better sort out images between games, renders, cutscenes, concepts, etc. It's something that I have been constantly changing and evolving since and hopefully something I can bring over here as well to better give image file a more consistent naming system.

I'm still kinda getting used to using Pedia but I do appreciate you guys bringing us in and hope to have a good relations with y'all.

Karl-591 (Talk) (Contribs)

Hi, I'm Karl. I've been around for about a decade and have been an admin at Halo Nation for the last seven years. I was there when the split occurred and I'm glad to see it end.
Ultra Force

Ultra Force (Talk) (Contribs)

Hi, I'm Ultra. You can also call me David. I first joined Halopedia in 2009 and moved to Halo Nation after the split in 2011. I oversaw HN during its early stages and did my best as one of the few administrators to look after it during an awkward time for the website. It was sad to see Halo Nation go, but I agreed that merging with Halopedia was the right decision. Coming back to Halopedia, I felt nostalgic and a slight sadness when I was reminded of all the old friends who used to be here and the memories that I made talking with them. But I was glad to see all the hard work that was done by the administrators, the users who frequent the wiki, and even all the people who made a small contribution. They all did their part to make this place better for the fans who come here for info on Halo.

I'll admit, I'm not the best editor, and aside from playing the games and reading most of the early books, my knowledge of the franchise is not that impressive compared to others. That said, I have tremendous love for the Halo franchise (even now after all this time) and I have a desire to establish good relations with others and to understand their point of view. Sometimes it's easy to forget that it's a person behind the screen that we're talking to. In the end, we all share the same love for this franchise and want to see it be successful.

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