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A patroller is a user who has access to a few additional features to help with checking new edits and combating vandalism.

What tools do patrollers have?

  • Marking high-quality page revisions as "patrolled" to help with the reverting of poor or bad-faith edits.
  • Deleting page revisions and hiding usernames for removing inappropriate content.
  • Blocking users and IP addresses who are vandalizing the wiki.
  • Quick reversion ("rollback") of undesirable edits.
  • Moderating threads and replies on the Halopedia forums.

How do I become a patroller?

Main article: Halopedia:Requests for patrollership

Halopedia has a small routine to become a patroller. Based on a small set of requirements and voting. To learn how to become a patroller, please visit the requests for patrollership page!

Meet the patrollers!

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Meet the Halo Nation staff!

Starting the 4th February 2019, as a result of the successful merger between the communities of Halo Nation and Halopedia, the Halo Nation team will be made patrollers on Halopedia to get used to the site, and as show of good faith from us to give themselves a chance to show they are a good fit for the wiki. At the end of the month on the 4th March, the current Halopedia team will evaluate the activity of the Halo Nation admins via request for adminship to see if the are suitable to become an admin or not.

Ultra Force

Ultra Force (talk | contribs) Hi, I'm Ultra. You can also call me David. I first joined Halopedia in 2009 and moved to Halo Nation after the split in 2011. I oversaw HN during its early stages and did my best as one of the few administrators to look after it during an awkward time for the website. It was sad to see Halo Nation go, but I agreed that merging with Halopedia was the right decision. Coming back to Halopedia, I felt nostalgic and a slight sadness when I was reminded of all the old friends who used to be here and the memories that I made talking with them. But I was glad to see all the hard work that was done by the administrators, the users who frequent the wiki, and even all the people who made a small contribution. They all did their part to make this place better for the fans who come here for info on Halo.

I'll admit, I'm not the best editor, and aside from playing the games and reading most of the early books, my knowledge of the franchise is not that impressive compared to others. That said, I have tremendous love for the Halo franchise (even now after all this time) and I have a desire to establish good relations with others and to understand their point of view. Sometimes it's easy to forget that it's a person behind the screen that we're talking to. In the end, we all share the same love for this franchise and want to see it be successful.