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Halopedia Vote Merger with Halo Nation 2.png

This is the vote results for the vote if Halo Nation should merge into us. Please read all the details below including the "Disclaimer".


Halopedia would like to remind people to not harass or attack people regardless of their choices. (This includes the staff of Fandom) And to specify what harassment and attacking means, we mean no ad hominem attacks, spamming or otherwise disrespectful behaviour. We also would like to remind people not to vandalize Halo Nation. Anyone caught doing the stuff mentioned here may risk a ban according to the Blocking Policy. Halopedia does not support defacing other sites and also plans to keep in good relations with Halo Nation regardless of the choices made here, and on their end.


After 2 weeks of voting, the results are in.

Out of 23 votes:

  • 19 voted to open our doors for Halo Nation to merge into us.
  • 3 who voted were neutral saying concerns.
  • 1 was oppose to open our doors.

Due to the overwhelming support this means we have 100% opened our doors to Halo Nation merging into us. We would like to thank everyone who voted, commented, and showed their support throughout the community.

Halo Nation vote

Halo Nation started their vote to see if they should merge with us on January 21, 2019. This vote ended on February 4, 2019. Read here for more information.

Out of 15 votes:

  • 13 voted to merge into us.
  • 2 opposed the merge.

This means Halo Nation was successful in voting to merge into us. We want to thank them all for their faith that we are the right wiki to merge into.

What would happen?

Halo Nation was successful in voting to merge into us so the following will happen:

  • For existing users nothing will change on Halopedia. Users can still edit articles, and add images without a issue at all. A normal day in the office.
    • An option to help merging the wikis will be given to all users however, but it wont be forced at all.
  • Halo Nation admins would be made "Patrollers" for a month in a trial period to get used to the wiki, and as show of good faith from us to give themselves a chance to show they are a good fit for the wiki. At the end of the month the current Halopedia team will evaluate the activity of the Halo Nation admins via Request for Adminship to see if the are suitable to become an admin or not. (This is more just us going though things officially on the wiki based on our policies, their Halo Nation stats will be considered, and as they are considered trusted members on Halo Nation, this information will be considered also)
    • If an admin was inactive during the trial period, they may need to push though a Request for Adminship themselves if they want to become an admin.
    • After the trial period, if the admin wished to stay as a Patroller they can.
    • Though throughout the trial period they would be treated as admins.
    • The Halo Nation team will make introduction pages about themselves. This is so you all can learn about who they are.
  • Both Halopedia and Halo Nation admins/patrollers will go through all the assets on Halo Nation and add/merge stuff that is appropriate.
    • This would be done via a test wiki to prevent inconsistencies and any disruption to Halopedia or the Fandom site.
  • After a merger policies may be adjusted to account for stuff Halo Nation was doing, pending if they are superior to ours.
  • There will be discussions between the admin teams in how the social media will be handled.

Comments and suggestions

Please put any comments or suggestions for this here.-CIA391 (talk) 09:15, 21 January 2019 (EST)