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Requests for patrollership, abbreviated as RfPs, are requests for users to be granted patroller positions on Halopedia. As Halopedia's community size and article count grows, more patrollers may be required to maintain its operation, as well as replace patrollers who have become inactive.

RfPs can be closed early if current administrators see that the candidate has little chance of success, but only an admin may do this. Requests may also be withdrawn at the request of the nominee or the person who nominated them.


All nominees must fit the following requirements before nomination. If a nominee does not fit the requirements, an administrator may close the nomination immediately.

  • Users must have at least 1,000 edits or sysop status on another wiki (please link to the wiki).
  • A member of Halopedia for at least four months.
  • No history of vandalism, abuse of Halopedia, or compromised accounts for the user in question.
  • No history of blocking on the basis of harassment or personal attacks.

There is no limit to the amount of times a user may apply for patroller rights. However, users must wait at least one month to submit a new request after any unsuccessful requests.

Create an RfP

An RfP can only be created by either the person who is requesting the role. On Halopedia, users have the ability to submit a request for patroller rights on the user group voting forum. An admin can also suggest a nominate a user they believe is suitable for the role.

To assist the creation of the forum post. The following thread text should be used.

If a nominee was nominated by an admin, the nominee needs to accept the nomination.