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Battle of Aktis IV


Operation: ATHENA

Carrow Conflict
A map of Carrow.


Post-Covenant War conflicts
Sangheili-Jiralhanae war
Blooding Years


September 1–3 2558




Pyrrhic UNSC/Surakans/Rojka 'Kasaan's faction victory



Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe

Thars 'Sarov


Civilian casualties
  • Heavy
  • None
  • None

The Carrow Conflict was a conflict that erupted on the former Outer Colony of Carrow that was part-Sangheili civil war part-invasion by the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe who was seeking the Sharquoi hive beneath the human city of Suraka.


During the Battle of Installation 00, Hekabe led a complement of warriors deep into the bowels of the Ark, recovering the vertex. He then spent six years decoding the forerunner text on the device, eventually finding the coordinates of the Sharquoi hive on Carrow.[1]

After the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War, both Human and Sangheili colonists settled on the planet of Carrow as a part of the Joint Occupation Zone system between the United Nations Space Command and the Swords of Sanghelios. The humans were the former residents of the planet and settled in the abandoned city of Suraka, while the Sangheili were the refugees of the planet of Glyke and founded the city of Rak. Sometime after this, the Office of Naval Intelligence became aware of the Sharquoi hive underneath Suraka, so they built Gila Station in the Uldt Desert and stationed Commander Greg van Eekhout to monitor the situation. The Sangheili began clashing with human settlers in the Uldt Desert around various oases, making conflict seem inevitable. Around this time, a Sangheili sect that opposed the Kaidon Rojka 'Kasaan and the humans on the planet arose in Rak, led by Thars 'Sarov. In an attempt to stave off a war, a peace summit was arranged between the Kaidon of Rak, the Governor of Suraka, and a Unified Earth Government delegate. As such, Rojka received UEG envoy Melody Azikiwe prior to the date of the summit.[1]

Sometime prior to the onset of the Carrow Conflict, Rojka retrieved the Cryo chambers containing the members of Gray Team from the debris field of Glyke.[1]


During his rebellion against his cousin Rojka 'Kasaan on Carrow, Thars 'Sarov made a deal with Hekabe for his help in the Carrow Conflict. However, this proved to be a grave mistake as Hekabe's real plan was to gain access to the Sharquoi hive beneath the city of Suraka and use the hundreds of thousands of creatures held there to destroy his enemies. During the beginning of the Great Schism, Hekabe had used the power the Jiralhanae had been granted by the High Prophets to find the vertex on Installation 00 during the battle there, the vertex being the device that would allow him to control the Sharquoi. During the battle, Hekabe's fleet was destroyed by the Surakan Militia Volunteers, including his flagship the Varric-pattern heavy cruiser Foebane, but Hekabe was undaunted. With the help of SPARTAN-II Gray Team, Thars was killed by Rojka while Hekabe's plot was defeated. Hekabe was killed by Sharquoi under the control of human governor Ellis Gass who then destroyed the Sharquoi hive and all of the Sharquoi on Carrow with a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon.[1]

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In the aftermath of the Carrow Conflict, the Surakan and Sangheili presence on Carrow was weakened due to the conflict. Kaidon Akato 'Dakaj wrested control over Rak from his opponents. He then received Rojka back in the city and delegated him as the Sangheili's representative to Suraka. Lamar Edwards also became the Governor of Suraka after the death of Ellis Gass. Together, these two cities sought to work together in order to survive and thrive on Carrow.[1]

Gray Team and Melody Azikiwe were retrieved by the UNSC and taken aboard the UNSC Welcome to the Snipehunt to a hero's welcome. They then had a meeting with ONI Commander Ivrin Yarick, who informed Melody that her time working with ONI had come to an end. He then recruited Gray Team as a part of an interspecies strike team that would operate out of an ONI Winter-class prowler.[1]

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