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Layout guide/Campaign

Halopedia doesn't currently have a walkthrough for this level; could you write one?


Summary/Brief Introduction

A brief introduction of the level with a plot summary. Shouldn't be detailed. Please note that the section header is not required.


A section for more detailed information on the level, including an in-depth plot summary and achievement information.

As a general reminder about terminology, level articles are not official in-universe documents in which you have to adhere to strictly formal terminology; in fact, it is often preferable to use simpler and more well-known (although still not fully informal) alternatives to technical terms.


A transcript is a detailed written summary of a given film, video, game level, or audio track. Transcripts are to include descriptions of the events depicted in the transcribed work, lines of dialog spoken by the characters, as well as other potential information of interest.

Transcripts should include YouTube links to game cutscenes or other relevant videos embedded in such format: [http://Youtube-link {Cutscene}]. Additionally, it is preferable to include the names of the music tracks that are played in given scenes, with a link to the Halopedia article of the track in question.

A transcript's sole purpose is to describe what is happening in a scene and indicate which character is speaking at a given time. With this in mind, when specifying which character a given line belongs to (in bold) one does not need to use the full name or title of the character; instead, character names should be rendered as simply as possible and in a way which is most appropriate in the context. Focus on the relevant part of the name or title and discard any perfunctory detail. While these labels are to remain consistent across a given transcript for the sake of clarity, more detailed titles and names may in some cases be rendered in the italicized event description portion of the transcript based on the editor's discretion.

Behind the scenes

Includes characters involvement, production notes, etc. Shouldn't include weapons, vehicles or glitches.


Redundant trivia should be avoided. Glitches, Misc Information, and References subsections should be added here.


The gallery section should contain images relevant to the level.