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Danzer is a human civilian who worked as one of the founding residents of the colony city Sandholm, on the planet of Carrow.


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Danzer and his partner Pha were residing on the Outer Colony world of Arcadia when it was attacked by the Covenant for a second time in 2549. They fled the planet and spent the rest of the war as refugees, first fleeing to the Inner Colonies before spending three years in a UEG refugee camp on Mars. They traveled alongside Dahlia and her family for most, if not all, of this time, developing a close familial bond with them and often caring for Dahlia.[1]


After the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War, Danzer, Pha, and Dahlia's family joined a group of colonists who planned to create a settlement on the planet of Carrow on the banks of the Astlehich River. Traveling there in an old freighter, they discovered that the Sangheili city of Rak had been built on the spot of their intended colony. As such, they traveled into the Uldt Desert, establishing the settlement of Sandholm and attempting to carve out an existence on the world. In late June of 2558 a viral hemorrhagic fever swept through Sandholm and devastated the town's population. Both Danzer and Pha were infected, with the former's symptoms being less severe. Danzer attempted to care for Pha, using all the medicine and antibiotics he had available, but despite this Pha passed away. As he burned his partner's body the next morning, he was met by Dahlia, who had woken up from a fever-induced coma the day before. After providing her a brief explanation of the virus's effects on the settlement, Danzer went to sleep and woke up to Dahlia preparing to journey to the Masov Oasis in order to locate someone who could help the town. Danzer tried to persuade her against it at first, as that area was inhabited by the hated Sangheili, but eventually caved and allowed her access to a Mongoose quad bike and a M295 Designated Marksman Rifle. The two parted ways, and Danzer continued to care for Dahlia's parents and rest in Sandholm. He most likely received medical assistance from the Surakan Militia Volunteers forces that later descended upon the town after Dahlia made contact with them.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Danzer is a stout man with a square jaw and pale hair. He and Pha lived by a philosophy of focusing on living for the future, a philosophy that they passed on to Dahlia. He also had a deep distrust and fear of aliens as a result of his experiences during the Human-Covenant War.[1]

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