Viral hemorrhagic fever

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"It's a viral hemorrhagic fever of some kind. You were one of the first."
Danzer tells Dahlia about the illness that befell Sandholm.[1]

Viral hemorrhagic fever is an extremely deadly viral infection that causes the victim to bleed from their orifices as well as have a high fever.


In late June 2558, a viral hemorrhagic fever struck the town of Sandholm on the former Outer Colony of Carrow in waves, causing high fevers and bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nostrils. Dahlia was one of the first to fall ill before the bleeding started. The fever struck in at least two waves with Sandholm's doctor dying in the second wave. Soon afterwards, the town's communication repeater was damaged beyond repair in a sandstorm, preventing the town from calling Suraka for help. Despite taking precautions, Danzer and Pha fell ill. Though Danzer survived, Pha died of the illness.

On July 2, about a week after she got sick, Dahlia's fever broke, helped by her parents constant care of her and the use of all of the family's fever reducers and antibiotics. However, by that point, Dahlia's parents had fallen seriously ill themselves and Dahlia learned of Sandholm's dire state from Danzer and discovered the downed repeater. With everyone else locked in their homes ill, two weeks before traders came by again and Danzer too weak to help, Dahlia set out for Masov Oasis to use the trading post's radio to call for help. However, things became complicated when Dahlia got caught up in the rising tensions between the factions of Rojka 'Kasaan and Thars 'Sarov.

After being rescued from Thars loyalists by the Surakan Militia Volunteers, Dahlia was finally able to get help from the militia. The militia brought medics with heavy antiviral medicines and fluids to Sandholm and successfully treated the illness in time to save Dahlia's parents.[1]

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