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July 2558[1]

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"If you do not live for a future, it will never come"
— words of wisdom from Pha to Dahlia

Pha was a human refugee of the Human-Covenant War who resided on the planet, Carrow; a world jointly-held between humans and Sangheili. He was the husband of Danzer and an adopted "uncle" of Dahlia's.[1]


Dahlia: "Oh, no. Danzer, is that--"
Danzer: "It was Pha. He died last night."
— Dahlia sees Pha's burning body.

Pha and Danzer met Dahlia and her parents in a cramped refugee camp on Mars at the tail end of the Human-Covenant War. The three of them had fled from Arcadia after it fell to the Covenant in 2549. For three years, Pha and Danzer lived in close proximity to Dahlia's family and took on the role of a new extended family for her. She came to think of both of them as her uncles. When the Covenant finally invaded the Sol system in late 2552, Pha and Danzer held Dahlia close while buildings exploded around them during the attack on Mars. From there, the five-membered family was forced to flee yet again, and even after the war's end continued to live as refugees without a place to call home. By at least 2554, a creaky old ship they inhabited made it to Carrow and its passengers intended to carve out a life near a river that was learned of through the planet's old records. Unfortunately, the place they planned to settle had already been claimed by Sangheili and they were forced to survive in the desert and build the village of Sandholm. Pha and Danzer's house was built five homes down from that of Dahlia's parents. In July of 2558, a viral hemorrhagic fever swept through Sandholm in waves. Pha survived the first two waves of the virus. He and Danzer took precautions, but they were too late as they were already infected by the time they began. Pha succumbed to the infection one night, to Danzer's dismay. When day dawned, Danzer managed to carry Pha's body outside to be burned on a pyre despite barely being able to walk due to the illness which Danzer survived.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Pha, like Danzer, was very close to Dahlia and her parents. During time spent traveling from place to place in search of a new home, Pha and Danzer would often sneak Dahlia candy and would stay up with her while her parents slept. They used to comfort her by telling her that a new start awaited them and that they would be safe. Dahlia particularly took to heart wisdom from her uncles regarding focusing on the present and planning for the future. Pha told her than if she did not plan for the future, it would never come.[1]

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