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This subpage provides guidance on articles covering quotes. Quote pages are subpages of a mainspace article used to list notable quotes spoken by characters.

A quote list is not an indiscriminate collection of quotes by or about a given character and only lines which are quotable in some way should be listed. However, randomized gameplay quotes (barring grunts, screams, etc.) are to be included in a dedicated section. For information about quotability, see Halopedia:Notability policy.


The introductory section serves to explain the purpose of the page; e.g. "This is a list of quotes by and/or about (character)". Other relevant information may be included at the editor's discretion. The introduction should not include a section header.

The number and titling of the article's sections depends on the nature of the subject and the quotes in question. A quote page about a character, for example, will typically be sectioned based on the media in which given quotes appear. Randomized gameplay quotes are to be listed in a dedicated "Gameplay" section under each game.

Quotes which are part of a dialog between the subject and one or more additional characters should feature a transcript of the lines of both characters as opposed to only those spoken by the title character. For an example of this in practice, see Ur-Didact/Quotes.

An additional "Quotes about (subject name)" section may be included to list quotes that describe the subject in some way. While applicable to some characters, this is also the only section included in non-character quote pages (subjects which lack quotes of their own, yet have enough pertinent quotes about them to list them on a dedicated page). Such pages may include major factions or items of note, for example.

Other articles with their dedicated quote pages (e.g. Halo: Spartan Assault/Quotes) may contain more specific sections.