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Several Guardians on Genesis

Peacemakers were powerful constructs used by the Forerunners to enforce their vision of the Mantle of Responsibility upon the galaxy, particularly within the ecumene. Peacemakers were designed to adhere to the Forerunners' views of the Mantle of Responsibility, while imposing the same views upon the rest of the ecumene. The tenets of the Mantle allowed for competition and conflict, as long as it did not threaten galactic biodiversity. However, the Forerunners gradually took to believing that this meant they alone should have the capability to conduct interstellar warfare. As such, Peacemakers were used to forestall any potential threats to their military and technological supremacy.[1]


A Preceptor was a tier-two Peacemaker

There existed at least two tiers of Peacemakers:

  • Tier-one: The most powerful of the Peacemakers, these tools patrolled the ecumene itself, correcting disruptions that resulted from internal civil conflicts and neglect. Tier-one Peacemakers included Arcani and Intercessors.[1]
  • Tier-two: These Peacemakers monitored and fenced off the activity of lesser species within pocket empires under the ecumene's jurisdiction. Tier-two Peacemakers included Guardian Custodes and Preceptors.[1]

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