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This image is fan art and is not part of the official Halo universe canon. Please do not add this image to pages about about canonical material.

Usage notes

This template is used to label images that are fan art. As said above, fan art is not to be used in Halopedia's mainspace articles, but is allowed in limited numbers in user pages, forum threads, and similar community pages. This template automatically places pages/images to which it is added into Category:Fan art.

In this case, "fan art" applies to images that involve creative interpretation of the source material, or depict subjects that are entirely fan-created. Some fan-created images - vector graphics that closely follow their canonical counterparts (such as those created by Stephen Loftus) as well as various diagrams, charts, or maps used to present canonical information - are nonetheless used on some of Halopedia's pages; for such images, use Template:Fan work instead. Halopedia acknowledges that the distinction between the two types of work may sometimes be vague; however, ambiguous cases should be settled by the editors' own discretion as well as community consensus.