Template:Fan work

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This image is a fan-created representation (vector graphic, diagram, chart, etc.) of a canonical subject, but was not itself produced by the developers of the Halo franchise.

Usage notes

This template is to be used in the small number images in Halopedia's articles that are fan-made, but do not involve the degree of creative interpretation that would classify them as fan art. This includes, as said in the template, vector graphics based directly on canonical counterparts (such as those produced by Stephen Loftus) as well as various diagrams, charts, or maps used to present canonical information without artistic flair. Halopedia acknowledges that the distinction between these two may sometimes be vague; however, ambiguous cases should be settled by the editors' own discretion as well as community consensus. Images (e.g. game screenshots or comic panels) with basic alterations (e.g. cropping, removal of backgrounds, or even color/contrast adjustment if appropriate) do not fall within the definition of "fan-created" in this case and should not use this template.

This template automatically places pages/images to which it is added into Category:Fan-created article images.

For images that are explicitly fan art, use Template:Fan art instead.