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Halopedia:Projects lists wiki-wide projects that need to be done in order to improve the current state of the wiki. Some projects may require entirely new articles to be created, and some may just require some code to be added to certain parts of the wiki. The Manual of Style still matters here, so it is recommended that users become acquainted with those prior to working on a project. For past projects, see here.

List of active projects

  • "List of appearances" project (commenced on 28th September 2012): This is a Project meant to improve the "List of appearances" sections on pages.
  • "Improvement Drive" project (commenced on 24th February 2014): This is the Article Improvement Drive, made to improve and create pages for Halopedia.
  • "Halopedia Improvement project" (commenced on 9th July 2017): This is a project created to improve Halopedia and make it a better place to use.