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The Halo Language Project aims to document how various ciphers and languages were understood.


Currently on Halopedia, Language pages continue to be a mess. This is due to them acting as research AND results. This project aims to take the research part and make it that the main pages show the results, with them linking to the project showing how it was worked out.

This project has three sections.

  • The Written half: Focusing on how to write and read the various fonts of Halo.
  • The Spoken half: Focusing on how the various
  • Alt stuff: Focusing on alt-languages that aren't spoken or written.


While this section will be removed, in this projects early stages it helps to have this to get the research pages created.

  • Replace the existing Halo 2 Covenant Cipher project and make it a child of this project.
  • Prepare pages for the various fonts.



This is a section to record uses of Human written languages in Halo. If a "new" one is created, it will get a dedicated page.


This is a section to record cases of Covenant (Sangheili) written language.



This is a section to record cases of Banished written language


This is a section to record cases of fictional fonts used in Halo related media, such as posters and Vidocs.



  • Covenant: Halo: Reach
  • Covenant: Halo 4
  • Covenant: Silver