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Halo 2 Covenant cipher sans the full stop and dash.

The Halo 2 Covenant Cipher Project aims to reference how the Halo 2 Covenant cipher was cracked.


Using Halo2.com, show how the Halo 2 Cipher was cracked.

How it was cracked[edit]

The cipher was introduced on Halo2.com. This was relatively easy as A to Z was given very quickly, with an example of it working.

Cipher Alphabet.jpg

The website also has two other symbols not included on the key above.

This means we have A to Z, ".", and "-" in the cipher.

Further notes[edit]

This cipher has seen further use in several places such as Halo 4 on some control panels, and the Covenant themed side of the Halo Wars Launch Site. Though no new symbols were added to the cipher though them.

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