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The Halopedia Improvement Project is a community project to help tidy, improve, and build the community of Halopedia in three main phases. Once this project makes it to Phase 3 it will be discontinued and fused with the Article Improvement Drive project due to the similar nature of Phase 3 and that project itself. If you have any improvements for this project please suggest them on the project's talk page.


  • Phase 1: This is the tidy up section. This prepares our wiki.
  • Phase 2: This is the Community section. This sets up our wiki for the community we will be welcoming.
  • Phase 3: This is the Maintenance section. This makes sure we keep the previous Phases tidy and updated, and makes sure we dont fall behind on content.

Phase 1 Main Wiki stuff[edit]

This is the tidy up section. This prepares our wiki for most updates in the future. To discuss Phase 1 please use this forum.

Step 1 Tidy up[edit]

This step is getting the wiki in a usable state internally so we do not have any internal mess that could appear for editors and other users.

  1. AID-checkbox-checked.png Clear out old User profiles that have not posted since 2012.
  2. AID-checkbox-checked.png Clear out Project Userbox, and tidy up the mess it causes.
  3. AID-checkbox-checked.png Clear out old forums and other group related materials predating 2012. This allows us to have a clean slate.
  4. AID-checkbox-checked.png Tidy the wiki by getting majority of the pages in the Special Pages areas tidy.

Step 2 Policies and Rules[edit]

This step is getting the wiki rules, policies, guidelines, and other similar stuff up to date. This means we will be able to deal with situations accordingly or help users more efficiently.

  1. AID-checkbox-checked.png Get the Admin, Patroller, Rollbacker and other roles and ranks more defined.
  2. AID-checkbox-checked.png Fixed up navigation for the Help and Halopedia pages.
  3. AID-checkbox-checked.png Get the Policies more defined and updated.
  4. AID-checkbox-checked.png Get the Guidelines more defined and updated.
  5. AID-checkbox-checked.png Talk about maybe removing the Rollbacker rank and making it just Patroller.
  6. AID-checkbox-checked.png Get active Rollbackers and make them Patrollers.
  7. AID-checkbox-checked.png Remove Rollbacker Usergroup.

Step 3 Improve the Main page[edit]

This step is improving the main page of the wiki and its navigation bar. This makes Halopedia slightly more appealing to users.

  1. AID-checkbox-checked.png Talk possible improvements with admins.
  2. AID-checkbox-checked.png Talk possible improvements with Patrollers and Rollbackers.
  3. AID-checkbox-checked.png Implement said improvements if possible.
  4. AID-checkbox-checked.png Ask for possible improvements from Halopedians and make a list.
  5. AID-checkbox-checked.png Keep list for future updates.
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Improve Existing Assets.
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Fix up Vector skin.
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Fix up Monobook skin.

Step 4 Conventions[edit]

This step is to improve and implement our Template/Category/File naming conventions we have. Also make better the source conventions. This will be defined in the Policies and Rules step but is something expanded upon here. This means that what specific stuff does instead of having to guess.

  1. AID-checkbox-checked.png Decide what will be used for source conventions.
  2. AID-checkbox-checked.png Decide what will be used for file naming conventions.
  3. AID-checkbox-checked.png Start using the new conventions.
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Start updating old file names to suit the new conventions.
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Start updating the old sources to suit the new conventions.
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Fix pages that are listed in these categories.

Phase 2 Keeping us going[edit]

Step 5 Internal Community improvement[edit]

This step is getting the wiki community fun

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Selective reset for featured content and Did you know content.
    1. Discuss the existing content and see what ones we keep or remove.
    2. Features articles ready to restart
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Add community events on the wiki.
    1. (Example ideas) Monthly polls.
    2. (Example ideas) Weekly featured articles/pictures/videos for users to vote for.(rotate them monthly so the homepage is more dynamic)
    3. (Example ideas) Aprils fools day and other holiday celebrations.(we make a special Wiki skin for the holidays)
    4. (Example ideas) Start weekly discussions in the forums.
  3. AID-checkbox-checked.png Make more dynamic news. More detailed.
    1. Start up news and build it up.
    2. HAVE FUN.
    3. Community Update on the Homepage.
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Be welcoming to new members.

Step 6 External Community improvement[edit]

This step is to help build relations with other communities outside our internal wiki one.

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Tidy and add to the Halopedia Community Portal using CIA391's other Community hubs as a example.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Use the Community portal to add communities to the Sidebar.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Get Twitter and Facebook more updated and up to scratch.
    1. Get more admins on the Twitter and Facebook.
    2. Add a bot to the Twitter and possibly Facebook so some automated posts are done to make life easier on the admins.
    3. Add posts on Featured stuff from step 5 on Twitter and Facebook.
    4. Add Admin and Patroller made projects on Twitter and Facebook.

Phase 3 Keeping our work looking great[edit]

Once this project makes it to Phase 3 it will be discontinued and fused with the Article Improvement Drive project and other projects due to the similar nature of Phase 3 and that project itself. But is outlined so fusion will be easier in the long run.

Step 7 Get more Patrollers[edit]

This step is to help encourage members to become Patrollers. Long term thing not expected to be completed straight away.

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Look through active users and see if any are suitable to be Patrollers.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png If none are currently ready keep an eye out in the long run.

Step 8 Content[edit]

This step is generally what already happens, but is here so people have stuff to work on.

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Use the Halopedia:Projects/Improvement to improve pages or add pages we need based on new media.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Use the Special:WantedPages to add pages we need.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Use the Special:AncientPages to updated old pages to suit newer standards.

Step 9 Keeping an eye on stuff[edit]

This step is kinda just the stuff that needs to be kept an eye on so they dont go out of hand in the future.

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Keep an eye on the Special:SpecialPages to make sure they are kept in check and dont get out of control. If a special page get into a list in the 300's then we need to do a clean out of it.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Keep the feedback forum open, and use it to improve the site as time goes on.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Update Old file naming conventions on pages to the new ones as done in Step 4.(Will link page when its ready)
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Update Old source conventions on pages to the new ones as done in Step 4.(Will link page when its ready)
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Keep updating the Community stuff we set up in step 5.(Will probably make a project page dedicated to keeping that set up)
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Keep the twitter and Facebook active with content.
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Keep up with 8 in general like we do already.

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