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The Forge Documentation Project is a community project to create and maintain documentation for the various versions of Halo's Forge toolset.


  • Structure and Planning
  • Data Collection and Triage
  • Adding Data to the Wiki proper

Structure and Planning[edit]

Page Heirarchies[edit]

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Determine appropriate breakdown of major aspects of Forge that are shared across versions of the tool.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Build out page structure.

Pre-Existing Info to Absorb and Process[edit]

(There are no conflicts to this info)

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png ForgeHub Halo 5 Wiki content
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png ForgeHub Halo Reach Wiki content (Originally from ForgeLife)

Data Collection and Triage[edit]

Community Infodumps[edit]

Established repositories in the community for contributing to this project via data collection.

ForgeHub (https://discord.gg/5TwfqbU7sf) Wiki-Submissions Channel: https://discord.com/channels/220766496635224065/1032391999740969011

The Scripter's Guild (https://discord.gg/ZpE3tcpZy9) Wiki-Submissions Channel: https://discord.com/channels/152117181927260161/1032389051250114580

Captain Punch's placeholder repo: https://github.com/CarsonBarry/ForgeWiki

ForgeHub's Wiki (all data from this should be brought to Halopedia, there are no copyright concerns here): https://www.forgehub.com/wiki

Project Whiteboard[edit]


A Miro.com whiteboard hosted by Captain Punch of The Scripter's Guild/Forgehub. This is for collecting info and organizing it before adding it to the Wiki. It's just a tool, not a repository or for larger planning.

  • Board is password protected to protect from griefing.
  • Reach out to Captain Punch on Discord for the password.

Adding Data to the Wiki proper[edit]

Needs Formatting[edit]

Information that has been informally packaged and is just needing formatted to Halopedia standards so that it can be added to the wiki.

Template (don't edit, just copy)[edit]

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png [articlename] - linktocontent

Actual List[edit]