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The Halopedia timeline project aims to properly categorize real world and in-universe timeline entries. As was noted here, the then current state was unorganized and messy. If you have any questions, be sure to post them on the talk page.


  • Replace the {{Timeline}} template with the {{Yearnav}} on all in-universe articles shown here. Usage instructions can be found on the Yearnav template page. The template is designed to automatically categorize the years. However, the category pages will need to be created and sub-categorized under the timeline category.
    • Once this is done, the current timeline template will be re-purposed to focus solely on real world entries. Due to the current version being transcluded on hundreds of pages, this will not happen until all in-universe years have the new template.
    • A few years have overlap between in-universe and real world content. These pages will need to have both templates.
  • Real world years need to have the timeline template moved to the bottom of the page as it will be a navbox (this is due to formatting).
  • Removal of the timeline category on pages where it has been manually added.

Category progress[edit]

This shows the progress of the categorization. Checked boxes indicate completion.

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