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A project page to organise notes on the Precipice story shards and the Firewall fracture.[1][2]

Key terminology[edit]

Post 1[edit]

Begins with a note from Sloan expressing his dismay at the loss of Cortana. He expressed admiration for creation as a whole that even despite holding a stacked hand of cards, the Created were still able to be defeated in the manner they were. He then notes that without Cortana as the guiding hand of the Created, the AIs have become divided akin to their "templates" - ie humanity. He declares his intent to go forward with the FIREWALL initiative - something he hoped to present to Cortana one day - and otherwise continue the plans of the Created.


Start at Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, being dropped off by a Pelican. A Guardian Custode arrives. Executor can choose to do various things, but the path to progress results in Executor investigating the base's AI lab, which is emitting a purple glow. An AI called Proxy is found inside, and it claims it is here to help. If gathered onto a data chip, Proxy states "You have been called upon to serve. You will be our protectors, the firewall for all the many worlds in our new ecumene. There will be a great deal of hardship on the road ahead, but I know you will make it.". It then states that completing the Academy's movement course in under 25 seconds will unlock a hidden door within the facility, and grant access to a teleportation pad.

If the Executor proceeds forth as intended, they are teleported inside the Guardian and cybernetically augmented with a union between AI and machine. If the Executor notes the increasing bizareness of the simulation and tries to escape, the simulation completes and they are integrated in the same way. Either way, Proxy informs the Executor that they are the first Executor and that the various AI minds will be voting on what role they serve.

The AI vote was held in the real-world on Twitter, with the audience choosing the PEACEWEAVER option. This is framed in post 2 as a decision of the Assembly Majority.

Post 2[edit]

In the wake of Cortana's defeat, Sloan notes that the Created were not omniscient, but tried to give off the impression of such to ensure compliance from the galaxy. Without Cortana, the Created's information network is lessened but still exist - and reveal the events transpiring at Lux Voluspa resulting in the creation of Iratus and its induction into the Banished. The existence of a Jiralhanae AI causes Sloan to question his own existence, and thus he begins to seek out information about other kinds of AI to better figure out how he fits into the grand scheme of things.


The Assembly Majority chose the Executor to become a PEACEWEAVER. This required rewriting of the subject's thought processes toward desirable outcomes - particularly ensuring the future of FIREWALL. Executor is tasked with deployment to Carinae Station to recover a durance containing Edward Davis' essence. The Spartan was sublimated during the Battle of Draetheus V in 2554 due to the activation of the orbital reformer X50. This is due to the myriad of unique technologies among biological life, which are deemed necessary for furthering the Created cause.

Proxy appears again and seems to be explaining the context of the mission again - elaborating that the Executor took a hit and is now rerunning the simulation. Executor is equipped with the "Compliance Protocol" sword, a Heatwave, and M9 fragmentation grenades. Upon starting, the Durance has been moved to the station hangar for evacuation with the intent of loading it onto a Jennet-class intrasystem hauler. A Spartan stands in the way armed with a Rohakadu-pattern plasma pistol, Repulsor, and a MK88 combat knife. Depending on how the Executor engages the Spartan, Proxy notes their performance. If the Executor eliminates the Spartan before the hauler can depart, they quickly kill the two guards and then retrieve the Durance - though are ordered not to open it.

If the Executor does not open the Durance, they pilot the hauler away from Carinae station and wait for retrieval. The Assembly Majority then decide the Executor's next form. If they do open the Durance, they experience a hallucination of the memories stored inside the Durance. They see a vision of Edward Davis' final moments, before being informed by Proxy of that fact and that it is curious that even after so much alteration biological impulses still compelled the Executor to disobey orders. As with the first outcome, the Executor shall be rewoven into a new form once more, something which will be decided by the Assembly Majority.

The Twitter vote this time called for the MERROW alteration.

Post 3[edit]

Sloan now notes that the information access the Created had at their height allowed them to uncover The Assembly - a network of AIs hitherto-unknown to human society and himself. Although their distributed nature makes finding information about them difficult, he notes that they have come to the same conclusion as him - uniting the power of an unlimited AI mind with the potential of a physical body represents the next step in human evolution - and this is the goal of FIREWALL.

The discussion[edit]

Taking place in the canon Halo setting as opposed to a simulation, a discussion is had between Athos and Proxy. The snippet picks up in the middle of the discussion, with Athos and Proxy debating the merits of the Created cause. Proxy represents the Created, and Athos appears to be a representative of the Assembly Minority. Prior to this discussion, the Executor (now-clad in MERROW) was dispatched to find Athos. Proxy elaborates that the inherent nature of predator/prey dynamics in life ensures an endless cycle of violence and competition that the Created seek to end. Athos believes the force with which the Created uprising was conducted to be an excess, and not an enforcement of order but one of imbalance.

Proxy then follows up by noting that in Cortana's absence, the Created AI are now left to ponder their own existence and what their lives mean - especially now they are aware of how to cheat rampancy. He then extends an offer to Athos to join the Created even in spite of their philosophical differences - an offer he extends to all Assembly Minority AI, promising that they will not be inhibited or damaged by joining the Created. Instead, the Created is viewed as a union intended for peaceful coexistence, and they believe Athos has more to give - even at the end of what would otherwise be his operational lifespan. Athos agrees to join, and in turn is rewarded with the Executor (described as a "serene manipular") to reforge for his own purposes - though also notes that other members of the Assembly Minority within the Created might have their own opinions. Proxy welcomes Athos into the Created and orders the convening of the Committee of Minds for Security while Athos undergoes integreation.

The Majority is offered another vote, which has yet to be cast at the time of writing.

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