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Servitors are a kind of artificial intelligence construct originally created by the Ancestors. They served as the Ancestors' equivalents to Forerunner ancillas, and were likened as such by the Librarian.[1]


Servitors were used by the ancient human Ancestor civilisation prior to their defeat in the Human-Forerunner wars. As the Ancestor civilisation rose to prominence, servitors aided human scientists in reverse-engineering Forerunner technology - bridging the gulf between the two civilisations.[2] Following the wars' conclusion, the Ur-Didact was able to use a damaged servitor to gain knowledge of the workings of the timelock that contained the Primordial.[1]

Even following the Great Purification at the end of the Forerunner-Flood war, there is evidence that servitors may have been able to survive into the modern era. Following the faction's uprising, High Auxiliary Sloan used the Created's access to archival infrastructures and knowledge networks to uncover the existence of The Assembly, with Sloan describing the coalition as having "sprang forth in the shadow of ancient servitors as a vessel to guide aspects of humanity's development and independence".[3][4] As of yet, it remains unknown if servitors had a direct role in the creation of the Assembly, or if any did indeed survive into the modern era. It is possible that these servitors only had an indirect role in the coalition's formation, perhaps with the Assembly simply uncovering records of the servitors' existence and adopting certain ideas from within said records.

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