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This is an official Halopedia page dedicated to projects involving the appearance list system we use on our pages. Current guidelines for appearance sections can be found on our Layout Guide.

2012: Removing series titles in appearance list[edit]

As with many things in life, the best way to get something done is through teamwork! For those of you looking for something to edit, I've got something that may interest you. As was agreed here, please remove any instances of "Reclaimer Trilogy", "Kilo-Five Trilogy", and "The Forerunner Saga" in in the List of appearances sections of articles. Full explanation for why can be read in the link above. Also, as explained here, please begin sorting these sections according to chronological release date order. Example:

(In correct chronological order. Note: not all Halo media listed. Look up the release date for ones not listed in order to re-list them correctly)

(Note: remove extra asterisks only seen via edit mode after removing game/novel series)

So, reiterating myself, remove "Reclaimer Trilogy", "The Forerunner Saga", and "Kilo-Five Trilogy" from these sections and organize them by chronological release date order. As with any editing, please make sure to preview your edits before saving and avoid making multiple edits. Any questions or concerns? Please direct them to my talk page. Thanks!--Spartacus, Halopedia Administrator Talk 13:38, 28 September 2012 (EDT)