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This is the Sangheili conlang dialogue from Season 1 of the Halo television show that was created by Carl Buck and David J. Peterson. In the first season, the Sangheili language was spoken in 7 out of 9 episodes. The dialogue featured below is presented here exactly as it was spoken within the show.

Sangheili's co-creator, David J. Peterson, also provides transcripts and translations on his language wiki, as well as in a series of posts on Archive of Our Own, accessible here. Readers may also consult David Peterson's audio recordings here.

Season 1 Sangheili Dialogue[edit]

Episode 101: Contact
Elite Ghashank'o! Demon!
Mercy Hirajo. Blessed One.
Makee Q'iitu. Mercy.
Makee Jan gaikhoji diibe ni Maduriga ni kheluuga ts'ukhijahe? The relic on Madrigal was not where I predicted?
Mercy Gaikhoji diibe ni juuts'uji. It was precisely where you predicted.
Makee Tkha jayetanjahe?

It did not make its way back to us?

(It did not make its way back?)

Mercy Chinji, k'aidon k'uucho ga. Taken, from a kaidon warrior.
Makee Jan mosik'weya. I don’t understand.
Mercy Ch'intan ch'adomo o -Ghashank'o zhi tkhaacho- tkha t'iyaq'ujen. K'e me mos ba.

He claims that the Spartan who took it, one known to our warriors as Demon, was able to bring it to life. As you can.

(The Spartan who took it, one known as Demon, was able to bring it to life. As you can.)

Makee Ne et’ojo oni t’ikhawa ba jan ngani. Ikhi ga.

I need to speak with this warrior. Right away.

(I need to speak with this swordsman. Right away.)

Mercy Uzo mots'aha, jan o t'ipaachaga. Might I suggest you leave that behind?
Makee Qkhe, jan-- Oh, I...
Mercy Domo p'uko moq'asqas ii k'e ni tkhet'a ba muuri o, q'a qkhan ba mos ch'aamosik'ojaga. You study the book of human stories not because they are your people, but so that you might better know the mind of our enemies.
Makee Kkhagadza. That's right.
Mercy Jaja k'e o jan oni tkhaari ch'anaachaga. Nizhi jan o qkhan ch'aamosik'ojaga. Perhaps at some point you will read them to me. So that I may also know the enemy.
Makee Jan o k'e ba mosone juuch'inji, Q'iitu. I appreciate your counsel, Mercy.
Episode 102: Unbound
Makee Ne k'uucho, jan o tskha'ala gha mu o tskhaji? Kheluuga ni? This warrior, he did what I can do? With the relic?
Thel Ts'uuchaga, Hirajo. Yes, Blessed One.
Makee Ghaazhi Ghashank'o o tkha q'ahiji, gha k'e o p'ayut'u ba ch'anik'otanjahe? When the demon touched it, what exactly did you see?
Thel Ch'anggagomo. The sacred ring.
Makee K'e satkhijahe? You're sure?
Mercy Oq'ogakha ba ts'uutsukho. Tkhahant'u ni. It is one of the keystones. Finally.
Truth Bit'a ba riin ngani pkha. We must have it.
Makee Chkhan ba jan o oq'ogakha khech'imijaga. I will retrieve the keystone myself.
Regret Niri ni k'e niinekhe, Hirajo. Your place is here, Blessed One.
Makee Jan ni diibe jan o iikuji. Jan o tkha q'unqijaga, k'e daaghajahe? I know where I belong. Are you worried I'll forget?
Mercy Ngajo o k'e p'uucho. Ch'adzumat'u zi khaayajo tkhunga p'uucho. No one questions your loyalty. We question sending someone of your importance on such a hazardous mission.
Makee K'iri o domo ba riikhe zi k'aachot’u ba aaleya q'a jan o aa'ala. I can move among the humans in a way the rest of you cannot.
Mercy Dzuutu nasa-- It is too dangerous--

Q'iitu, k'e o jan juuch'iiji. K'e o jan ch'anggonji, Oq'o Ch'awaruut'u oni jan q'onji.

Ghaazhi k'e o jan oni ne tskha'iji, jan o riin oni ne waaka waqkhijaga.

Jan o oq'ogakha maaroji. Tkha o qkhado ch'anggagomo oni riin gwijaga.

Mercy, you took me in. You tutored me, and taught me of the Great Journey.

For what you have done for me, allow me to deliver this gift to us all.

I will find the keystone. And it will lead us to the sacred ring.

Episode 103: Emergence
Sangheili 1 K'iisho haali. The luminary grows stronger.
Sangheili 1 Maamaro gha ogha ni ts'aha. What we seek is close.
Sangheili 2 P'ikhe me baan ni. Behind that creature.
Sangheili 1 Eya. No.
Sangheili 1 Ne bekkhajo riin o maamaro gha. This creature is what we seek.
Mercy Hirajo. Blessed One.
Makee Ine yap'o k'e o kkhat'a? Zhiija domo? What do you think of this? Suitably human?
Mercy Riin o t'onguutan zhaan oni tkha o jan mobit'a. K’e ma uuri naachi. It reminds me of the day we met. You were much smaller then.
Truth Ghaadi ni k'e o oq'ogakha maaraikhijahe? Where will you begin your search for the keystone?
Makee Maduriga ni. Tkha ch'anik'oji diibe ni. Madrigal. Where it was last seen.
Makee Tkhaas oni jan gwis siitan nguuka ghats'aha. Jan satkha. The spirit that first called me there remains. I’m sure of it.
Mercy Ghaazhi k'e o mu maarojen? And if your search brings you to him?
Makee Ba Ghashank'o? The so-called Demon?
Mercy Nizhi k'e oni waaka khebit'ajo zhi ch'ajin ch'aamosik'ojaga. It would be understandable to be curious about another who shares your gifts.
Makee K'e ba dokkhat'u ga, Q'iitu, jan o oq'ogakha q'a mech'imijaga, nizhi Ghashank'o ga ch'ano. For your kindness, Mercy, I will not only bring back the keystone, I will bring you the Demon’s head.
Makee Jan t'ighainjahe? Do you read me?
Sangheili Ts'uuchaga, Hirajo. Yes, Blessed One.
Makee Jan o wele oni k'umas waruucho. I am returning to the ship.

Nga nis ts'ukho. Maduriga oni riin q'awarut'o.

Muuri o oq'ogakha mech'iitan ghaadi oni riin o maarojaga, tkhazhi ch'anggagomo riin o maarojaga.

There is nothing here. We continue on to Madrigal.

We will find where they took the keystone, and we will find the sacred ring.

Episode 105: Reckoning
Sangheili Guard Hirajo. Blessed One.
Makee Baas ts'uuchahe? Anything?
Sangheili Guard Jan ba ine q'unqa, Hirajo, q'a kheluuga nis ts'aheya - Maduriga ni. Forgive me, Blessed One, but the artifact is no longer here on Madrigal.

Tkha nis ts'aheya jan o iik'uji. Q'a tkha ruut'iyaji, nguuka nis ga huunjo.

Ine ba jaja atkha o tkha me la'ajo oni gwijaga.

I am aware it is no longer here. But it was active, radiating energy from this place.

And that should be enough to lead us to its twin.

Makee Q'amaaro. Keep looking.
Sangheili Guard Ts'uuchaga, Hirajo. Yes, Blessed One.
Makee K'uucho. Warrior.
Makee Riin oni qkhan khuut'a ni tkhet'a me ts'aha. We share the same enemy.
Makee Oq'ogakha k'ung o muuri ghunji. And with both keystones we can destroy them.
Sangheili Guard Ts'uuchaga, Hirajo. Yes, Blessed One.
Sangheili Guard K'iisho o shkhoot'u banghaintan. The luminaries have picked up a signal.
Sangheili Guard Hirajo? Blessed One?
Makee K'unjo ba oq'ogakha. Tkha o riin t'isiizit'a!

The other keystone. I can see where it is.

(The other keystone. It's calling out to us!)

Makee Juunduje pkha. Make it look good.
Sangheili Ts'uuchaga, Hirajo. Yes, Blessed One.
Episode 106: Solace

Mu ga banechkha pkha. Mu ga banechkha pkha. Pkhada.

Mu ga banechkha pkha. Pkhada. Detu! Jan...jan o khuzho juundujijaga.

Get your hands off him. Get your hands off him. Stop.

Get your hands off him. Stop. Det! I... I'll be better.

(Get away from him. Stop. Det! I... I'll be better myself.)

Episode 108: Allegiance
Makee Oq'ogakha The keystone.
Makee Eya. K'e luujo pkha. No. It is you who will pay.
Episode 109: Transcendence
Mercy Hirajo. Ghajayaji. Blessed one. You have returned.
Mercy Ine ba k'ung oq'ogakha tkhungatan. Bambit'agha me mos ba. And you have delivered both keystones. As promised.
Regret Nizhi jaari oni Ghashank'o ga ch'ano bambit'aji. She also promised us the Demon's head.
Makee K'e o ch'apkhungwijahe, oq'o Ch'ambuujo Gaik'inat'u? Are you not satisfied, noble Hierarch of Regret?
Mercy Juundujetan. Yodu Shandi ni ch'awaruut'u ba p'umo jayajaga. You have done well. Soon the Covenant will begin our Great Journey.
Makee Nizhi jan ni, Q'iitu? Ch'awaruut'u oni jan o k'iri ghashangojahe? And what about me, Mercy? Will I accompany you on the Great Journey?
Mercy Hirajo'ni chkhan zhiiq'o ni diibe ts'aatsaha. Ghaazhi k'e guujen. There is always a place for the Blessed One. If that is what you want.
Makee Juubaapats'o. Of course I do.
Regret Ikhi ghaadi riin oni Hirajo ts'aha? And where is our “Blessed One”?
Mercy Baashi oni mejayajo. Preparing for the ceremony.
Regret Q'aya bekkhajo, ne domo. Mu o mu ne gawaaka oni khuzho ruqkhirajo. Mu ga ts'ahat'u o riin oni dunga gaidujitan. Simple-minded creature, this human. She anoints herself for her own sacrifice. She has soiled our world too much with her presence.
Mercy Bambit'atan jan o q'unqeya, khuut'a. Ch'awaruut'u tkhahantana haazhi ni, tkhet'a me Mak'ii ruq'otajaga. I have not forgotten my promise to you, brother. Once we complete the Great Journey, Makee will burn, along with her species.
Mercy Shak'o ts'ahajaga. Qkhaat'u oni Shak'o tkhaachaga. And there will be a way. It will be called the way of holiness.
Truth Shandi o Shak'o ni qkhaachaga. The Covenant shall walk the Path.
Regret Ine Mot'onguut'u ga shak'o k'umas juuchkhugiijo. This is the vindication of the ways of our Covenant.
Mercy Bambit'agha ch'anik'ojaga. The promise shall be fulfilled.
Mercy Aamu me mos ba tkhuyujo yodu jaari o ghashangojo. We will soon join the ancients as gods.
Mercy Oq'ogakha juq'u. Unite the sacred stones.
Mercy Chkhuung Ch'anggagomo oni riin lakhijaga. That we may ascend to the Ring.
Grunt Ghashank'o! Demon!
Regret Mu juusiit'aji! Mu o pkha! It was her! She summoned him!
Makee Eya! Jan t'isoq'ogho-- No! I swear--
Mercy Mu ni kkhajeya. Ghashank'o ch'imo! Never mind her. Get the Demon!
Mercy Moq'aajo t'isqukho! Unleash the zealots!
Mercy Ch'anggagomo loloshkho. The sacred ring is revealing its location.
Sangheili chant K'iis o aamu ni mu maaroji... K'iis o aamu ni mu maaroji... The light found him godly... The light found him godly...
Mercy Lushkho oni ghaq'aaga q'iskhitan. The star map is incomplete.
Mercy Ghashank'o matkhaya pkha! Take the Demon alive! (Do not kill the Demon!)
Mercy K'e o gha ts'aachi? What have you done?
Mercy Hirajo q'ii ni ghats'aha! The Blessed One is dead!
Mercy Mu o ch'anggagomo maaro ba riin ngani! We need him to find the ring!
Regret Ghashank'o t'iidiya! The Demon lives!
Mercy Mu yua pkha! Take him!
Mercy Eya! No!
Mercy Muuri pkhada! Stop them!