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The Soundtrack project is an ongoing project that aims to enhance the pages related to music in Halo media, boosting pages' readability as well as recording oddities.


Music in Halo media generally includes soundtracks of the games and other visual media (including films and animated series). Most Halo media were released with official soundtracks. Most of these soundtrack albums and their tracks have been documented on Halopedia.

However, there are "oddities" - other musical pieces that were excluded from official releases. Most of the official Halo soundtracks do not contain every track heard in the games, such as variations of certain tracks or ambient tracks that went unreleased at the discretion of the composers/producers. Furthermore, marketing materials, such as trailers, often use music unrelated to the soundtrack of the media (e.g. Frederic Chopin's Prelude in Halo 3 Believe diorama). These musical pieces may not be sufficiently notable to have their own pages, but their usage should be noted nonetheless.

Project goals[edit]

Overall goals[edit]

  1. Adopt a unified layout for articles on the tracks under the official soundtracks. Variations of these tracks that went unreleased from the soundtrack should be included on these pages.
  2. Create new parent pages for soundtracks, titled as "Halo X soundtrack", to:
    1. List out different editions of the official soundtrack
    2. Record information related to the development and production of the soundtrack
    3. Make note of any music featured in related media but were excluded from the official soundtracks, either being music from another title or being public domain music.

Current goals[edit]

  • Unify the format on individual soundtrack pages.
    • Adopt new layout, which includes "Overview", "Appearances", "Arrangements", and "Production notes", if applicable.
    • Embed YouTube links under the auto-generated YouTube topic channels (e.g. "Martin O'Donnell - Topic")
  • Make/Enhance parent pages.
    • Decide on the name for the parent pages. Potential candidates include, but are not limited to, "Halo X soundtrack", "Halo X music", and "Music of Halo X".
  • Get oddities recorded.
  • "Music of Halo" page as a potential main parent page that links to "Music of Halo: Combat Evolved", "Music of Halo 2", "Music of Halo 3", etc.
  • Enhance the "Template:Music infobox"
    • Include a parameter to the media its tied to.
    • Consider enhancements inspired by the template from Wookieepedia (example).
    • Consider embedding links to official music streaming platforms, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Ongoing works[edit]

These need to be made editable by everyone working on this project:


Music Oddities[edit]

Soundtrack Oddities[edit]

Adjacent task[edit]

Navigation boxes for "media" may include links to the soundtrack. This is an example Template:Navbox/Media/TFoRMedia.