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The Soundtrack project aims to enhance the soundtrack pages of Halo media so they are easier to follow and oddities are recorded.


Original goal[edit]

  1. Essentially make the soundtrack pages more generic. We use the official soundtrack names sure. But we don't focus on that.
  2. We can include music or songs not on the soundtracks. If music from another title is outright used for example. Boom it can be added to that page.
  3. This will be harder but trailer and so on music or songs may be fun to add whenever we notice those.

Current project goals[edit]

  • Make/Enhance parent pages.
    • Get a good name for the pages picked. Potential candidates include, but are not limited to, "Halo X soundtrack", "Halo X music", and "Music of Halo X".
  • Get oddities recorded.
  • "Music of Halo" page
    • Potential main parent page
  • Enhance the "Template:Music infobox"

Current work done[edit]

These need to be made editable by everyone working on this project:


Music Oddities[edit]

Soundtrack Oddities[edit]