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The Halopedia Designers project is a project aimed to give you a space to submit and ask for assets to be assessed and potentially used on the wiki space. This can come in for form of logos, backgrounds, and other similar stuff. Below is information on how to submit a specific asset to the wiki. The designers project is also a place to report any problems regarding specific parts regarding the design of the website.


If you have a logo you want to submit, use here to submit logo designs.


If you have a Background you want to submit, use here to submit Background designs.


If you have a Skin or theme you want to submit, or you have discovered an issue with one of the existing themes/skins, use here to discuss the matter here.


If you have something else you want to submit, use here to submit it.

Skins/Themes Archive[edit]

This is where we store records of skins and themes that work and have been previously used on the wiki.

How to use them[edit]

If you're interested in using one of these themes, simply follow the following steps
  1. Click here.
  2. Select Vector, Nimbus, Monobook and save your changes.
  3. Copy the code from one of the css pages below and add in to either your own custom vector.css page, custom monobook.css page, or custom nimbus.css page. Save thereafter.

Notes: For some users, you may need to force your browser to clear their cache to see the changes. Also some templates may be incompatible if you choose to use any CSS from this list, as the relevant CSS is no longer maintained by the Administration.

CSS files[edit]

  • Vector-Light.css: This is a light version of the Vector skin. Add to your custom Vector.css for the best effect.