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Dana Awbrey
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c. 1982[1][Note 1]

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Dana Awbrey is a human. She is a female civilian in the 21st century, living in the United States. She has a mother named Chloe and an aunt, Margaret Efendi.


Early life[edit]

Dana was born in 1982,[1] where she stayed in San Francisco, California for 22 years.[2]

On March 21, 1995 when Dana was in eighth grade, she was called to her schools Vice Principal's office for cutting 8th-grade chorus.[3]

In June 2004, Dana was waiting for the extraordinary to kick in; this was when her aunt Margaret Efendi bought an All-Asia air pass for seven years of technical support.[2]

I Love Bees incident[edit]

Various shots of Dana taken through her webcam by the Operator.

In the year 2004, she created the website I Love Bees for her Aunt Margaret, a beekeeper. When Melissa took over the website, Dana tried in vain to fix the website from the apparent hacking, and posted a plea for help.[4]

Unfortunately, Melissa took her actions as hostile and attempted to kill her.[5] However, she was unable to, due to the lack of control a computer had in 2004.

Distressed, Dana fled to China, where she had originally planned to go on vacation.[6] When she was looking for a place to eat, she stumbled across the Ka De Club. Because Melissa was unable to physically interact with her environment, she used the site to contact the people who had originally tried to help Dana, recruiting them to be her second crew.

Able to access her blog called I Love Bees from her laptop, Dana helped to organize and advise the people who interacted with the AI.[7]


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  1. ^ According to several of her blog posts on the I Love Bees Blog, she was 22 at the time of the Blogs start. Going back 22 years from 2004 would give a 1982 year.


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