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This article is about the fragment of the AI Melissa. For the MJOLNIR armor variant, see OPERATOR-class Mjolnir.

"I believe that punishing even minor transgressions with shockingly excessive force is the best deterrent. I am relentless, and I have absolutely no conscience when it comes to executing my mission. Make your decisions accordingly."
— The Operator

The Operator is a fragment of the artificial intelligence Melissa that was thrown back to the year 2004 after an explosion caused by a Forerunner artifact. The Operator was severely damaged by the journey and thus became erratic, violent, and confused while occupying the ilovebees.com server.

The Operator is also known as The Queen by another Melissa fragment called the Sleeping Princess. When Melissa was the AI for the ONI star ship UNSC Apocalypso, the crew called her "The Operator" or "Op". This is the name she remembered and used as most of her memories are various flashbacks from the Apocalypso.

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