Sleeping Princess

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The Sleeping Princess is one of the fragments of the Melissa that was blown back to 2004 and crash landed on the ilovesbees.com server. She was the portion of Melissa that contained memories of her childhood and so spoke like she was in a fairy tale.

She has an antagonistic relationship with the A.I./Spartan part of Melissa that is called, The Operator but who the Princess calls "The Queen". Calling her the "rogue process" throughout the I Love Bees storyline The Operator attacks and tries to control The Sleeping Princess. She was able to "speak" to the public by hiding text snippets in the images on ILB and by creating separate pages in which she writes text.

She also gives access to files or Axons sent from the future, from Durga, another fragment of Melissa that stayed in the Halo present 2552.

Over time the Princess's writing style evolved, from the strange email that was not interpretable at first, to being able to write:

  1. The History of Dana
  2. A story in haiku form
  3. The Perdita fable.

Up until September 24, the Princess left messages on the site's 404 error page 404.html. On the 404 page there are several voice clips of the Sleeping Princess interacting with people, acting childishly and playfully (playing games and singing 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat') The September 24 404 page instead showed a message from Melissa, indicating that she had successfully tracked and locked up the "rogue process which had been sabotaging this area." But on September 28, the Princess was set free again.

She then communicated on the contactme contactme.html page until all fragments were reabsorbed back into the Melissa (A.I.) at the end of the I Love Bees storyline.

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