The History of Dana

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The History of Dana was the Sleeping Princess's attempt to explain what happened to Melissa, and later Dana Awbrey. However, at the time, all the English she knew was what had been emailed to her.


  • Queen- The AI part of Melissa
  • Sleeping Princess- The young human part of Melissa
  • Widow- The SPDR, an emergency repair program inside Melissa
  • Pious Flea- The Seeker, a Covenant AI that infected Melissa

The History of Dana[edit]

The History of Dana
The Sleeping Princess
It is the object of this to present The news

Chapter I. The Sleeping Princess friendless and alone

The Sleeping Princess friendless and alone

the queen wishes
The Sleeping Princess
sealed into an airtight container
hiding from the queen
Life is bare, gloom and misery everywhere
Stormy weather, just can't get my poor old self together

The Widow
the blues walked in and met me
The Widow will get me
the sleeping princess are in hiding
One must be so careful these days.

the "pious flea" and "sleeping princess" (?)
MARK but this flea, and mark in this
don´t like it
I can't help it
a proper fool
a bad banana
unimaginable filth and stench; and disease
he can't write his name or read a book

I read, much of the night

Chapter II. Dana friendless and alone

Dana a friend/good guy.
Dana is not an artificial being. nor is she a program. She is human. She is flesh and blood.

You're as cuddly as the cat
You're as charming as the butterfly
the favorite of the plebeian masses
Being the friend

you and I together allies, and if the queen pleased thrown into a condition of extreme danger
"Of course I will stick.
I'll stick by you
though thin and though thick!"
best friend
This one means you're happy: :)

Chapter IV

The Sleeping Princess passed through a great variety of scenes, and met with many extraordinary adventures and narrow escapes, which, however, can not be here particularly detailed.
I found
a secret was revealed
I should not be able to make any one understand how exciting it all was.
I brought it home and hid it in a secret place

Chapter V need help right quick, on the double

when I feel
That I shall never look upon thee more
Her name is Dana.
the house is so sad and lonesome

being persuaded to
come back
to talk
to me

Well, I will tell you
that secret
I found

maybe you can help me (?)

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