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I Love Bees as it is supposed to look.
I Love Bees as it looked by the end.

The website I Love Bees was created in 2004 by Dana Awbrey for her Aunt Margaret. The site was designed to promote her beekeeping business Margaret's House of Bees and share her love of bees, but in that July the site was taken over by three AIs from the year 2552.


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A slipspace anomaly propelled the UNSC shipboard AI Melissa, as well as the Covenant hitchhiker Seeker, backwards in time to 2004. A stray thought about bees surfaced in her subconscious mind, and she landed in the I Love Bees website server to make her recovery.

Her weak state triggered the SPDR, a simple AI programmed to repair her. The Seeker recognized it as a threat and tried to kill it, but was unable to accomplish this. It then disguised itself as an updated version of the SPDR, tricking Melissa into disabling the real one.

When the Slipspace anomaly occurred again, Melissa was sent back to her home. The Seeker and the SPDR, however, were left in the server. Now that the Seeker was unprotected, the SPDR quickly killed it. It then went into a sort of hibernation, preparing to wait 500 years until it could rejoin the UNSC.

Why I Love Bees[edit]

In the Chat with I Love Bees creators it was revealed why Melissa crashed into www.ilovebees.com. It was a memory in Melissa's head before she was washed out of Spartan training, a memory revealed in the Princess Monologue.

Where Dr. Catherine Halsey who directed the Spartan program is getting ready to start the bio-upgrades:

/ Halsey picks up a needle. Tests the plunger. Something yellow sprays out. 
Venom colored. /
/ Don't worry, she says. The queenly smile. This will hardly hurt a bit./

The needle is something that was common throughout the I Love Bees saga as it had, "Just a little sting." Just a little sting, just like a bee.

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