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Halopedia is a wiki about the Halo universe, covering information on all of the Halo games, novels and animation films. It is both a specialized wiki built around the Halo universe and a collaborative space for players to develop and publish strategies for Halo games. Formerly hosted by Wikia, Inc., the wiki is currently self-hosted.

History and description

The beginning: 2004

Halopedia began on November 4, 2004 as a project known as "Halo Wiki" by users Agentseethroo and Porplemontage, who also created Gamer Focus, a wiki network/gaming site. The site quickly attracted a small number of users.

Because of the creation of, the wiki's name was changed to "Halopedia," and moved to, where it became part of the wiki network alongside a Cheats wiki, an overall Video Games wiki, and a Super Mario wiki.

Notability: Early 2006

The site began to be recognized by the international community in early 2006; it was mentioned in a section of the Tahlequah Daily Press newspaper of Tahlequah, Oklahoma on February 20, 2006.[1] The site eventually was recognized by Bungie as a reliable, yet unofficial source of Halo information for the Halo community. This recognition prompted Halopedia's membership to increase by 300 percent over several weeks.[2]

Server problems: Mid 2006

Halopedia soon however became a victim of its own success as its growing community began to present a major problem for its creators. The site's growing size was producing an excessively large bill for server usage every month. Throughout May to July, the site would be periodically down, until it finally went offline for several weeks.

Eventually, Halopedia was merged with, a formerly rival wiki, hosted by Wikia, that did not have such problems. Despite the difficulties made by the transition, the site eventually benefited.

2007 onwards

"'Know your Halo history by studying Halopedia, and make sure you’ve finished all three games, and have played all the multiplayer maps a lot.'"
— Rob Adams, an employee of Bungie, quoting Halopedia[3]

Halopedia received several media mentions and citings during 2007[4][5][6] and 2008[7][8] and has been regarded as relatively accurate and reliable among Halo fans and website forums. From 2009 to 2010, it underwent multiple design changes in terms of its appearance to a specific theme, in tribute for the release of Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

In October 2010, in reaction to Wikia's mandatory skin change, Halopedia forked off from wikia and moved to[9]

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