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The Halopedia Discord server is a venue for the Halopedia community to communicate and socialize with one another. Discord is a free service which allows gamers to talk to one another through voice or text chats. There is no charge for creating a Discord account or for connecting to a Discord server.

To join the Halopedia Discord server, simply press the "connect" button in the buttom right of the widget below!


As with all modes of communication on Halopedia, the chat policy is in effect on the Discord. A copy of the chat policy is available for all members of the Discord to see in the #chat_policy channel, and can be viewed on the wiki here.

The purpose of the chat policy is to ensure that users feel comfortable on the Discord and aren't afraid to express their opinions or believes, whatever they may be. It also exists to prevent disruption such as spam from interfering with users' conversations.

The moderation team

The moderation team is a collective name for the roles Chat Monitor, Chat Moderator, Administrator and Bureaucrat. The purpose of the moderation team is to enforce the chat policy on the Discord. Each of the moderation team roles is given permissions which help them do so.

When dealing with an issue, the ruling of a moderation team member is final. If you think that this power has been used unfairly against you or another, you can appeal the decision.

Enforcing the rules

In order to enforce the chat policy, several tools are used. To remove rule-breaking content, moderation team members can delete other users' messages. In addition, they can change other's nicknames to hide inappropriate names, as well as pin messages to channels in order to prevent important ones from being buried in conversations.

If a member of the moderation team believes a user intends to continue breaking the rules in spite of warnings, they have the ability to mute the user, which prevents them from talking in any channel. Furthermore, in even more serious cases, moderators, administrators, and bureaucrats can kick or permanently ban users from the Discord.


If you believe that you have been unfairly treated by a moderation team member while they dealt with an issue, you can appeal the decision. First, you should contact the user who made the decision you feel is unfair, to see if you can reach an understanding. Note that you should be calm and civil in your approach; you are unlikely to reach an accord if you act with hostility.

Supposing that if, after contacting the user directly, you still feel the amended decision is unfair, you should contact an uninvolved administrator. The admin you contact will assess the situation and deal with it as necessary. However, bear in mind that if the administrator thinks the original decision was appropriate, you should not continue attempting to appeal it by going to other admins, as it may be treated as spam.


In a Discord server, a channel is essentially an individual chat room, which operates independently of other channels. They exist to facilitate multiple simultaneous discussions on different topics, without the conversations interfering with one another. The following is a list of the text and voice channels on the Halopedia Discord server.

Text channels

Name Description Permissions
View messages Post messages
#chat_policy This channel lays out the rules that must be followed on the Halopedia Discord. All users Administrators
#news_feed This is an admin-run news feed alerting readers to any important news on the wikis or the franchise. All users Administrators
#wiki_discussion This channel is for discussion of topics pertaining to Halopedia and Halo Answers. All users All users
#halo_discussion This channel is for discussing any topic related to the Halo franchise. All users All users
#lore_discussion This channel is meant for discussing topics related to the Halo universe. All users All users
#off-topic_discussion This channel is for general discussion of any topic, regardless of its relation to Halo or either of the wikis. All users All users
#oni_section_one Top Secret, Eyes Only. Moderation team Moderation team
#oni_section_zero Top Secret, Eyes Only. Administrators Administrators
#policy_overhauls This is a temporary channel for discussion of policies that have been rewritten as part of Project Rebirth. Administrators Administrators

Voice channels

Name Description Permissions
Listen Speak
👑 Administration This voice channel is meant for discussions between administrators. Administrators Administrators
💬 General This is the general voice channel, where any topic can be discussed. All users All users
🌌 Lore-Friendly This voice channel is for discussion of topics relating to the Halo universe. All users All users
🎮 Game Chat This voice channel should be used to communicate with other users while playing together. All users All users


Roles in the Discord server are akin to ranks on the wiki. Some roles grant additional abilities and responsibilities to those who hold them, while others are merely used to distinguish users from one another, as is the case with the "Bot" role.

List of roles

The following is a list of the roles available on the Halopedia Discord.

Name Description Requirements Additional permissions

General Users

Wiki User A role given to members of the Discord who also have accounts on the wiki.
  • Own an account on the wiki
  • Made at least 5 edits with this account
Muted A role used to prevent users from talking, if they have broken the chat policy. N/A
  • Cannot send messages
  • Cannot join voice chats

Halopedia Staff

Halopedia Staff A generic role given to all members of Halopedia staff.
  • Be a member of Halopedia staff

Wiki Ranks

Wiki Patroller A role given to those with the Wiki Patroller rank on Halopedia. None
Image Controller A role given to those with the Image Controller rank on Halopedia.
  • Be an image controller on the wiki
Forum Monitor A role given to those with the Forum Monitor rank on Halopedia.
  • Be a forum monitor on the wiki
Wiki Moderator A role given to those with the Wiki Moderator rank on Halopedia.
  • Be a wiki moderator on the wiki

Discord Ranks

Chat Monitor A role with abilities on the Discord, which should used to enforce the chat policy.
  • Have a successful Chat Monitor application
  • Mute users
  • Change other users' nicknames
  • Promote users to Bot or Wiki User
  • Delete or pin messages
Chat Moderator A role with more powerful abilities on the Discord, which should used to enforce the chat policy.
  • Have a successful Chat Moderator application
  • All Chat Monitor permissions
  • Kick users
  • Permanently ban users
  • Mention @everyone


Administrator A role given to the Administrators of Halopedia.
  • All permissions
  • Promote users to any role besides Administrator or Bureaucrat
Bureaucrat A role given to Halopedia Bureaucrats.
  • All permissions
  • Promote users to any role

Special Roles

Bot A role used to distinguish bots from normal users. N/A None

Attaining roles

The following sections explain how each role is obtained.

Wiki user

This role is given to any user of the Discord who is also a contributor to the wiki. In order to obtain this role, simply message a member of the moderation team to ask for it (be sure to include the name of your account on the wiki in the message). Provided your account meets the requirements stated in the table above, you will be given the wiki user role.

Note that you will be asked to prove that you actually own the account you claim to, usually by posting on the message wall of the member of Halopedia staff handling your promotion.


This role is not one which users should strive to earn, as it prevents them from interacting with users in any way. It is used as a means of preventing users who have broken the chat policy from causing further disruption. The Muted role can be given by any member of the moderation team at their own discretion, but should only be used as a temporary measure.


The bot role is only given to accounts that are not used by people, but instead by automated programs. Normal users should never be given this rank. If you would like to run a bot on Halopedia or its Discord, see the bot policy for information on how to apply.

Staff roles

Staff roles are only given to members of Halopedia staff. Users will not be given a staff role on request. To apply for a rank on Halopedia, please see the rank structure page. Users who almost exclusively use the Discord can only apply for two ranks: Chat Monitor and Chat Moderator.