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This is a big project to rehaul the main page.


Needs assets if we use


823 things to do


Calendar based stuff

We could add calendar based stuff. Making some content date based. Nookipedia and Zelda wiki for example have a "On this Day" section or a "Birthdays" section.

This "could" replace our featured articles. But we could move our featured articles to the news where each news we feature an singular article instead. (We also kinda do that on our twitter with Lore Thursday)

How I view it we could do this as a "Today In Halo" sorta deal. Or a IRL sorta deal. I way prefer the "Today In Halo" idea. But focusing on birthdays (outside of big important events)

Wiki status alert

We could implement a wiki status system where we put a symbol on the Main page (And Recent changes) showcasing the current status of the wiki. This would be used mostly for the regulars and is just there for a quick reference on users parts.

Wiki Project/Community stuff

A Banner at the bottom of the page to allow swift navigation between major wiki projects and community stuff of note. We will need a logo for each section though.

  • Halopedia - Archives - News - Discord - Forums - Twitter (Probably keep that out) - Fanon - International
  • Bulbapedia Main page Bulbapedias version in action.

For ref Halo Fanons logo.

Flair and design

It might be cool to add a small unintrusive to background of some banners. As long as the main text is still clear.

  • News cursor flair.
    • Make the news be popping with a unique cursor when hovered over. Really not vital, just a "cool" extra if we so wanted.
  • Push down content on main page so site logo takes center stage. (I personally dislike this but it does have 1 perk)
    • This is more a site revamp so unlikely. I still dislike this but had to note it.
    • Metriod wiki


  • Add polls. A lotta wikis have these. And we have the ability.
    • Polls in action on Halopedia here

Current title focus

  • Current title info
    • So if a recent title has daily events. Dedicate a section to that info. (Presumably automate it if possible)
      • After a certain time move said stuff onto the portal page so its still accessable.
      • Example Splatoon wiki
    • Version number and a link to the details

News exclusive

Fanart section