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Attention! Read this before proposing a "trivia"!

When proposing a trivia, please remember to:

  • Sign your posts by typing four tildes (~~~~). This will automatically leave your username and a timestamp, so we can tell who you are and when you posted.
  • Preview your edits to prevent formatting glitches.
  • You can indent your posts by putting colons (:) at the beginning of each line. In long discussion threads, this can help separate comments and make it easier to tell who is replying to who.
  • Make sure it's readable.
  • Identify what category it is in. Make sure to attach <font color="Gold">CATEGORY HERE</font>.
    • Please note that the DYK will be separated into five groups; Characters & groups, Events & history, Technology & locations, Weapons & vehicles and Miscellaneous.
  • ...that Waypoint is a 26th-century equivalent to the Internet?