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Currently trying to prepare important pages for Halo Infinite and Showtime's series.

Catherine Halsey: in progress Cortana: in progress Jenny: complete John-117: in progress Quan Ah: complete Tudejsa: in progress Zeta Halo Project: complete

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Edited the page List of animals
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Edited the page Cherot
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Hey there, Eld. Just a heads up that we are not counting "Letters from Canon" as "Canon". As per the "Letters of Canon" archive page.

"These letters for the most part are impossible to verify if they are real, and thusly can not be used as official canon. Many letters have also not been followed as later media have been released. They are recorded here for posterity, so if required we can look back on them."

So in the Graham Alban case we can't "say" the 2532 date is canon or even on the page itself.


Haha your welcome, took a good week of on-and-off progress :D


Reminder to please wait till the official release of stuff to put stuff onto the wiki.

Kinda hard to verify a lot of stuff like appearances otherwise.


Hi. Would you mind sharing where you got the info for the appearances in Halo Renegades that you added yesterday?


Oh i understand now, thanks for letting me know.


Not an error? the academy fell in 2526 how could be she still be a recruit there in 2529? could you explain please am new.


Remember to name files with the source. Like if its a image from Halo Warfleet. Name it like File:HW Cairo Station.???

This just helps keep things organised and is something we should really be doing.


Lol, I know :( Hopefully I can get more editing done