Unidentified Sangheili Minor

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Unidentified Sangheili Minor
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July 20, 2558

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Pale orange

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This unidentified Sangheili was a Minor initially serving with the reformed Covenant and later defecting to a smaller religious cult following the Requiem Campaign.[1]


Battle of Aktis IV[edit]

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Prior to July 2558, the Minor was a member of the reformed Covenant and a follower of Jul 'Mdama. However, he had become disillusioned with 'Mdama's self-proclaimed title of "Didact's Hand" following the destruction of Requiem, and defected to a small faction led by Sali 'Nyon, a Zealot whose followers believed him to be the true Hand of the Didact.[1]

Partway through the Battle of Aktis IV, the Minor began to experience doubts regarding 'Nyon's holiness and confronted him. As 'Nyon preached to his followers that the Forerunners had blessed them, citing his recovery of half of the Janus Key as proof, the Minor pointed out the Promethean Knights' allegiance to Jul 'Mdama as "disturbing evidence to the contrary". 'Nyon retorted that faith required no explanation, and insisted that the answers to their questions would all be revealed in time before departing to tend to the wounded. In 'Nyon's absence, the Minor stole his half of the Janus Key, intending to return it to 'Mdama and his faction. Taking a Ghost, the Minor attempted to contact Jul 'Mdama himself, but was angrily confronted over a video link by a Zealot loyal to 'Mdama who remained skeptical of the Minor's intentions. The Minor claimed not to seek forgiveness for his actions; merely to return the Janus Key and lead 'Mdama's forces to Sali 'Nyon's camp. The Zealot reluctantly agreed to arrange a meeting, instructing the Minor to conceal himself and stay put.[1]


Some time later, a group of Zealots under 'Mdama's command arrived, escorting Catherine Halsey, and apprehended the Minor, berating him for his heresy. The Minor initially expressed reluctance to turn the Janus Key over to a human, but acquiesced upon the insistence of the Zealots. One then drew his plasma rifle and executed the Minor, much to the disapproval of his colleagues. However, the Zealot revealed that the Minor's knowledge of Sali 'Nyon's camp had become irrelevant; the base had been discovered hours earlier and was currently under siege.[2]


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