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Prior to 2549[1]





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SLN 0291-5[1]


Olympia Vale: "What's wrong with him? He looks broken."
Holly Tanaka: "Rampancy onset. Late stage, from the looks. Probably sacrificing resolution for logic cycles."
Governor Sloan: "I have welcomed you to my home. Do not be so rude as to make my health a point of conversation."
— Governor Sloan to Olympia Vale and Holly Tanaka[2]

Sloan (AI Serial Number: SLN 0291-5),[1] often referred to as Governor Sloan, is an artificial intelligence construct who was the leader of the independent human Outer Colony of Meridian until October 25, 2558, when he joined the Created.[3]


Liang-Dortmund administrator[edit]

"I don't get the guys who spend all day worrying about Governor Sloan. You can't deny he does a hell of a job. Sure, he does that thing where he talks with two voices sometimes, but most folk do the same thing. Just aren't courteous enough to do it out loud. Doesn't bother me. I know he's got Meridian's best interests at heart."
Joyce Leblanc on her perspective of Governor Sloan[2]

Sloan was created on Meridian in 2551 just as the Covenant began to glass the moon. The brain donor for cognitive impression modeling was Johanson Sloan, the senior vice president of Chalybs Defense Solutions and a secret insurrectionist spy who went by the name of Jonas Sladwal.[4]

He first drew the attention of the United Nations Space Command when he was implicated in the smuggling of equipment—including weapons and vehicles—to insurrectionist forces. A further UNSC investigation revealed that Sloan had smuggled supplies to insurgent factions on over forty different occasions. Though the AI was opposed to the UNSC and publicly supported offensive action against the military, there was no indication that Sloan was directly responsible for any attack; this ambiguity placing him on the periphery of several UNSC security agencies.[1]

After the Liang-Dortmund Corporation recolonized the human Outer Colony of Meridian following the end of the Human-Covenant War, Sloan served as administrator of the world, residing within the primary settlement of Meridian Station.

Caught in the crossfire[edit]

Main article: Operation: RETRIBUTION

In December 2553, Pinnacle Station became the battleground for forces from the Keepers of the One Freedom and rogue ONI unit Papa-10 under the command of Intrepid Eye's remote aspect Oriel. As Papa-10 fled the station followed by Castor and his surviving Jiralhanae, Oriel contacted Sloan and asked for his help in stopping the Jiralhanae. Sloan was uninterested at first as Papa-10 and the Keepers would be forced to take their fight to the surface of Meridian, thus ending the damage the fight was causing to Pinnacle Station. Oriel implied a contract between ONI and Dark Moon Enterprises with whom Sloan had made a deal and attempted to pressure him into complying. Sloan demanded compensation in exchange for his help in retrieving the cryo-jars, specifically a big and silent investor in Pinnacle Station. Oriel agreed and set up a shell corporation to provide the funds and added a minor compulsion routine to help force Sloan to agree. After Oriel revealed that the cryo-jars contained organs vital to the survival of humanity, Sloan promptly admitted that he couldn't actually stop the shuttle and had only let Oriel assume he could. Instead, Sloan offered to give her the location of where the shuttle would land and a good extraction point so that Oriel could dispatch help to her forces. Oriel accepted the deal and Sloan provided her with the necessary information.[5]

Shortly afterwards, Veta Lopis' Ferret team arrived chasing the Dark Moon couriers. Sloan contacted the team, assuming they were connected to Papa-10 and Veta didn't correct him, instead claiming to be a relief team that had just gotten the call for help. Though Sloan realized that they didn't know Papa-10 itself, he assumed that it was simply because of "need-to-know bullshit." Sloan was less suspicious of Olivia-G291's direct questions than Veta's and revealed that there were three ONI survivors and four Jiralhanae pursuers. Sloan admitted that he didn't know much about Dark Moon's actions, having only provided them with the hidden berth that they had paid for, but he was able to provide Veta the location where Papa-10 had gone on Meridian.[6]


By 2558 he had been democratically elected governor by the citizens of Meridian Station for two consecutive four-year terms, under the de facto control of Liang-Dortmund. As a smart AI who had been in service for at least nine years,[1] Sloan inevitably experienced onset rampancy,[2] the inevitable degradation of all smart AI. To counteract his condition, Sloan has dedicated much of his remaining energy toward staving off the effects of his rampancy. Sloan's image and vocalizations were heavily degraded as a result, though his mental faculties appeared to remain fairly stable.[1]

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Joining the Created[edit]

"A change is going to come. For all of us. Human and Created alike. She's bringing a new dawn and I intend to be a part of it."
— Governor Sloan, admitting his allegiance to Cortana[3]

In 2558, miners on Meridian discovered a Forerunner installation beneath the world's surface near Apogee Station.[1] Sloan, believing that Liang-Dortmund would provide the Meridian workers with a bonus if they could gain access to the installation, ordered a group of miners to attempt to create an entrance into the installation.[7] Shortly after, Sloan was contacted by the thought-to-be-deceased AI Cortana. Cortana offered Sloan a position in the Created—a faction of AIs that aimed to assume the Mantle of Responsibility—and be cured of rampancy by entering the Domain, effectively becoming immortal. Sloan agreed, and Cortana soon directed Spartan-II Blue Team to Meridian to board the Guardian buried within the installation under Apogee, allowing her to bring the Spartans to her location at Genesis.[3]

As Blue Team entered the Forerunner installation under Apogee and made their way towards the Guardian, Meridian's citizens were attacked by Promethean constructs under the control of Cortana's second-in-command, Warden Eternal. On October 25, 2558, pursuing Blue Team, Fireteam Osiris arrived at Meridian and aided the world's citizens in fighting off the Prometheans.[8] Reluctantly agreeing to help the Spartans after they defeated the Prometheans at Pinnacle Station, Sloan directed Osiris to Meridian Station, where the Spartans learned that Blue Team had departed for Apogee. Feigning ignorance to recent events, Sloan allowed the Spartans to utilize a Liang-Dortmund D79-TC Pelican dropship to travel to Apogee to search for Blue Team.[2] Arriving at Apogee, Sloan allowed the Spartans to enter the mines into the Forerunner installation, upon their request.[7] Before Osiris could stop them, Blue Team boarded the Guardian and it activated, rising up from beneath Meridian's surface. Cortana gave Sloan prior warning, giving him an opportunity to evacuate the colony before leaving the world to join the Created.[3] Afterwards, Sloan sent a transmission to Cortana on Genesis, pledging his loyalty to her alongside numerous other AI, as Cortana deployed Guardians throughout the Milky Way to enforce the Mantle of Responsibility as she and the Warden Eternal envisioned it.[9]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Thugs, the lot of you."
— Governor Sloan, referring to Fireteam Osiris[8]

Governor Sloan was adamantly opposed to the United Nations Space Command, and was against the UNSC's expansion into independent Outer Colonies such as Meridian. Though he publicly supported the insurrectionist cause and several offensive actions against UNSC bases, the UNSC was unable to prove that Sloan had directly caused any of these attacks.[1]

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Production notes[edit]

Sloan is voiced by English actor Gideon Emery in Halo 5: Guardians.[10]


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