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Cuba, Earth

Notable structure(s):

Battle of Earth, Centennial Orbital Elevator constructed ~2200s


Havana is the capital city of Cuba on Earth.


As one of Earth's six tether cities, Havana was managed by a second generation "dumb" Superintendent-class artificial intelligence.[1][2] By 2552, Havana had evolved into a large industrial city, with a large district of warehouses and facilities, most notably the Centennial Orbital Elevator, a structure called "Tallo Negro del Maiz", which is "Black Stalk of Corn" in Spanish.[3]

Covenant Invasion[edit]

Main article: Battle of Havana

During the Battle of Earth, the city was just one of the Covenant's many incursion points. They attacked the city with an army of Brutes and Jackals, reinforced by Wraiths, Banshees, and Scarab walkers. They captured the space elevator and began sending human weapons up the elevator to two waiting ships.[4] During the battle, SPARTAN-104, SPARTAN-043, and SPARTAN-058 were sent to Havana to take back the elevator, which they succeeded in doing.[5] However they detonated a nuclear warhead at the top, destroying the elevator.[6] Havana's status after this is unknown.

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