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Scan the heavens to learn the legend of Master Chief. Explore the worlds forever marked by his heroism. And gear up for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


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The Pillar of Autumn[edit]

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Assault Rifle Starscope - Icon assault rifle.png
Firing 15 armor piercing rounds per second, the Assault Rifle is perfect for a variety of combat situations and has been Master Chief's primary firearm for most of his military career.
Magnum Pistol Starscope - Icon magnum.png
With a medium-range scope and armor piercing bullets, the M6D is the semi-automatic pistol legends are made of.

Installation 04[edit]

High Charity[edit]

Indulgence of Conviction[edit]



Installation 05[edit]

The Ark[edit]





Shadow of Intent[edit]

The Orion Arm[edit]


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