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Unified Earth Government


Vodin is a Unified Earth Government colony world.[1]


Vodin was attacked by the Covenant in 2532 during the Human-Covenant War. In this engagement, the United Nations Space Command engaged the Covenant armada on and around the colony, which suffered heavy damage during the fighting. SPARTAN-II supersoldier Randall-037 was deployed to defend one of the planet's orbiting skyhooks, but the structure was ultimately destroyed by the Covenant. While Randall was subsequently deemed an unrecoverable asset and listed as missing in action, he had survived, having fallen down to the ocean below where he was rescued by the surviving colonists. Although all communications with the UEG were lost, Vodin's colonists continued to stake out a living on the planet while Randall elected not to return to the UNSC and instead started anew among the colonists who saved his life. Vodin was one of the few UNSC colonies to survive a Covenant attack.[1]

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