Deputy Chief of Naval Operations

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Deputy Chief of Naval Operations is a title held by a high-ranking officer of the UNSC Navy—traditionally a vice admiral.


In 2552 the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations held a seat on the UNSC Security Council.[1] However, by 2557, it appears that the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations no longer holds a seat on the Security Council.[2]


The former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb, was given tactical command of the Reach Theatre of Operations after Reach HighCom was overrun by Covenant forces.[3] He and a number of Spartan-II personnel[4] were rescued by the survivors of the Halo conflict, and he eventually met his death crashing a captured Covenant ship into an enemy space installation.[5]


In the modern US Navy, the position is also called the Chief of Naval Personnel. The DCNO performs all strategy and resource policies and serves as a single resource sponsor for all manpower and training program matters. The DCNO also performs all Capitol Hill related duties, including all Congressional testimony for matters pertaining to the Manpower, Personnel, Training, & Education command. The DCNO's office also acts as the lead organization to interface with Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of the Navy (DON) officials, other U.S. military and foreign departments, other Navy commands, other Federal agencies, and private organizations. It is unknown exactly how this fits into the UNSC's political structure, though its purpose is presumed to be the same.

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