Silent But Deadly

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Silent But Deadly
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Silent But Deadly (Silent but Deadly in The Master Chief Collection) is an achievement in the Halo 2 Vista and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is awarded for killing 7 opponents from behind in a row without being spotted, on any Halo 2 campaign level, on any difficulty.

In the PC game it is worth 20 gamerpoints and is represented by a 16-pointed star, a green fireball on the star, and the face of a ninja on the top. In The Master Chief Collection it is only worth 10 gamerpoints and is represented by a screenshot of Tartarus and Miranda Keyes in the Installation 05 Control Room.


The achievement is most easily unlocked on The Arbiter. Playing as the Arbiter, the player has use of his active camouflage, which is extremely useful for avoiding detection. Additionally, the level is littered with sleeping Grunts just begging to be beat down.

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