Skulltaker Halo 2: Black Eye

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Skulltaker Halo 2: Black Eye

Skulltaker Halo 2: Black Eye is an achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is awarded for collecting the Black Eye skull in Halo 2: Anniversary on The Great Journey while playing on Legendary difficulty. The achievement is worth 5 Gamerscore, and the Xbox achievement art is a still of Thel 'Vadamee being electrocuted from the Halo 2: Anniversary opening cutscene from Cairo Station.


Eventually you have to escort Sergeant Johnson, who is in a Scarab, to Delta Halo's Control Room. Follow him along until you see the Control Room in front of you. Directly above the door that Johnson blows open with the Scarab is an angled beam. Land your Banshee on this beam and walk to the top of the beam. Look down and to your left, and you will see a circular angled wall. Jump onto this wall and walk to the top. Walk straight along the right-hand side of this area. You will have to jump over a small beam in front of you. Continue walking straight until you come to a grassy area.

Keep walking up the grassy hill and go until you come to the point where you can jump onto the angled support as the tower meets the grass. Jump onto the support and walk up the support. It's a very steep climb, so jumping while you're going up the support speeds up the walk some. At the first landing, you will see the Black Eye skull sitting on a glowing white panel on the floor.